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Welcome to Naija Business And Entrepreneurship Ideas Headquarters! We have what you need to start a business of your own to make your life more abundant and fulfilling. We have business ideas covering several fields from education through agriculture to manufacturing with a specialty in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) . Here, you won’t find anything about oil rigs because it is not our specialization. But if you have a few hundreds of thousands of Naira or a couple of millions to invest we will be useful. There are even zero capital ideas.

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No Man Is Truly Free, Who Works For Another Man

No Man Is Truly Free, Who Works For Another Man



I am Otunba Jide Omiyale, head of Jidol Consul ,the publisher of this site. Let us talk business because that is the only language we understand.

Why are we qualified to do that?

Well, I hold three degrees including an MBA and fellow of Chartered Institute of marketing having qualified as a chartered marketer from Berkshire, England since 1982. Have worked in top-of-the-shelf international and have been in management for more than 30 years.

Currently, I run a school, a farm in addition to running seminars on employment and consulting. Regularly I give lectures to Graduates on how to stand on their own.

I have decided to

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How To Make Tons Of Money Auditing Banks Without Being An Accountant Or A Tax Consultant

You cannot believe how banks are ripping off people, especially the rich Illiterates. They overcharge them on COT, OD, VAT, interests, and so on.


How To Start A Bank With 500k

How To Start A Bank With 500k


Wait a minute. Before you accuse me of deception or even fraudulent claim, you will just have to listen to me and the only way to listen to me is to read till the end of this article. If at the end, you think I am not talking sense, then I accept all the insults you may hurl at me.

SME, Generate Money With Generators

You can generate money with generator sets.

Now you say what is he saying?  You only have to look at how much your legislators are going to spend on generators in 2017 to really understand what am saying.

One is that, there is no solution to electricity problem in the nearest future and two, generator business will continue.

SME, Why Fumigation Business Is Like Robbing a Bank.

World Health Organisation says all buildings housing people must be fumigated at least once a quarter, meaning at least four times a year.

Now, if this were to be enforced you can imagine the volume of business fumigation of buildings is. Even as it is not enforced, there is still money to be made.

For sure, all eateries have to be fumigated,

ikogosi Spring, Ekiti

This Is Why Ekiti State Will Never Be Great.

Dear reader, please take some time to study the table below. The table (civil service efficiency) shows the civil servants population, states population, the IGR generated and some ratios for the six SW sates. Please pay particular attention to Ekiti State and see how it stands with others, it will be clear to you how we are our own enemies.

Ekiti Civil Service Efficiency

I culled the above from Orebe’s Ekiti panupo colloquium – restoring Ekiti enterprise values and defining the pathway to lasting development in The Nations newspaper of Sunday  11/9/16.

Several times, I tried the reference URL( no avail. Each time, it returned error 404.

Now, Elder Femi Orebe is a celebrated and respected columnist. I have read his writings for years and have found him a serious writer with no frivolity and of course with enough integrity to spare.

So, I depend on his integrity to believe that this table is true, knowing that he would not have used the table if he had any iota of doubt about genuineness of  the stats.

From the above, are we Ekitis not in a very serious trouble?

I am aware that the federal government and states do use most of their income in paying  workers emoluments but I never knew it is this bad in Ekiti.

Ekiti state has 65000 civil servants to Lagos’s 47000 and yet we know Lagos is nearer 15million than 10million in population. Oyo’s population is twice that of Ekiti but her civil servants population is less than half of Ekiti and yet Oyo struggles to pay her civil servants. There is no where in this table where Ekiti shows any strength. It is a free fall all through.

In Ekiti, the civil servant figure is 2.4% of the population and they gulp a whopping 75% of public spending. How can a people progress like this? This is really a civil servants economy a typical ‘tomato and alubosa’ economy

What is the way out of this quagmire?

I am afraid, we all know the answer but nobody is willing to say it. Nobody is ready to bell the cat.  We all sidetrack the answer pretending not to know while our state retrogresses.

The governments, the present one and the earlier ones know/knew but none had the political spine to take that decision.

The solution is not neuroscience;  you do not need to be a Professor of business to entangle this. It is simple, if  you are spending so much on so little, cut it.

I know a family of six  here where all of them work with government. You are either a teacher or a worker in the local government or a worker in the ministry. When the government is late in paying, they are all broke, reigning curses on the government. I once asked them why they should all depend on the government.

Things cannot continue like this, Ekiti must learn to use their heads and hands.

It is our belief and this is wrong, that government is there to provide jobs. Yes, to some extent government can do that but governments are essentially to provide enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

In my local government, more than 50% of the workforce have nothing doing other than to sign and collect salaries at the end of the month and fat salaries for that matter. People cannot continue receiving 100k monthly without adding any values. It just doesn’t happen like that in sane climes.

I am not averse to civil servants being well paid but for God’s sake let every kobo be earned. Workers in the blue chips earn well but they earn it. Let our civil servants earn their pay.

So back to the question, what do we do? Simple, slash the workforce by 60%.

If Oyo state can survive with 32000, Ekiti will do well with much less. From this table, if Oyo can survive with 32000, Ekiti will not die with 16000 because Oyo is twice Ekiti  State in both size and population.

In the computer world of today, nobody needs a secretary but in our ministries, a director has a secretary who in turn has a secretary. In between them they have 2 messengers and 2 cleaners in a two room office where they don't handle five files in a day.  What a waste.

We should stop deceiving ourselves; four people cannot be doing the work meant for a person and expect progress.ikogosi Spring, Ekiti

While saying this, the workers should not be snt home just like that. Care must be taken to reduce the pain to the barest minimum. The exercise  must be  properly structured and spread over a period of time.   Ekiti has enough brains to set this up and implement, but we must all be ready to sacrifice. There is no baby without blood.Things cannot continue like it is.

Gainful Employment, If You Speak French Go Teach French.

Start a French language school; you will be surprised at the turn out. Let me tell you a story. Apart from the government French schools, I never thought there are private French schools until I ran into a guy at a joint.

Circumstances made us sit on the same table and we started talking. He told me he was good in French and that he learned it for six months. To confirm, I asked him the French word for fish, which a friend recently told me. He promptly told me.

Making Money, Why Don’t You Try A Local Football Academy

Yes  football school. Boys  and  girls  will  pay  you  to  teach  them  the rudiments of football. I am not talking of football academy that will gulp millions.

To do this you yourself must have been trained in the art. You do not necessarily have to be a good footballer to be its good teacher.

How Showing European Football Matches Can Take You To The Top

Some months back, I was in my country home with friends. But I had a little problem--where to watch the next days match between Arsenal and Liverpool. I did not have to bother, said a 9-year-old friend, as there was a football house in town

At quarter to one on that Saturday, the hall was filled up. Although I did not count, there was no way we could have been less than 100 heads. At

Why Transporting Raw Food Business Is Big Business.

I have to deal with this separately from transportation because people tend to think transportation stops with commuting people and thereby neglecting  a  veritable  source  of  moneymaking.

The  experience  of  a person close to me also accounts for part of the reason to deal with this separately.

A motor mechanic was not doing so well in his trade but he had a fairly good truck he packs. I advised him to use the truck in the mornings before coming to his workshop to move foodstuff from the market.

He made so well for himself that he had abandoned bolts and nuts and spanners. You cannot blame him, with two trucks; he goes home with about N8000 a day as long as Bodija market opens.

People are making real good money in this business. People have to eat and the food has to be brought from the major markets before they are broken down.

Have you not seen those rickety vehicles loaded to the hilt in the mornings?

Do not be fooled, those people make good money. Making N5000 a day is not uncommon and this they make with two or three trips.

You may think they are dirty but when they pay their children’s’ fees, the School Principal does not see the dirt.

As for me, I prefer it to sweeping roads in Europe, after all, this is my country.

Well, to get in, you will need a truck, a drivers licence and registration with the driver union in your market of interest. To perform well, you will need to understand the geography of the town.

If you are not so good yet, you will learn with time. Be patient with the women, they will show you the road until you become a master.

MARKETING. Let your vehicle be neat all the time. Dress well and be humble to the women and officials on the road. You will stand out and it will show in the volume of business you get.

CAVEAT: Drive with care and make sure your vehicles papers are ok. Do not mix business with pleasure, as you will be dealing with women. Do not look for your meat where you are getting your bread.

Go Here For Free copy Of Businesses That Can Never Fail Even If You  Want To Fail


Why Food Will Always Be Good Business Idea.

Let me tell you the four businesses that will always bring money… Food. Education, Entertainment and Transportation (FEET). People have to eat and many are lazy to cook and many do not have time.

See the tons of money Mr Biggs, Tantalizers and others are making.  What of the mama put you patronize? Do not be fooled,

images fish

Why You Should Open A Fish and Chips Shop.

You will excuse me as I am importing this straight from Europe. I have included it because I am aware potato chips are already in the country and if we have those here, nothing stops us having fish and chips outlets. Fish is already available.

I know a lady making a kill out of this business


How To Be A Pharmacist Without Attending A University

The Pharmacist is the one who makes drugs and medicines prescribed by Doctors, isn't it. If the answer is yes, then follow me to the word of herbal medicine or alternativeve therapy.