Attention: No Man Is Truly Free, Who works For Another Man


Experience Has Proven It

Now You Can Have A Business Of Your Own With As Little As N5000 Or Even Zero Capital.

No man is free who works for another man. That is true, if you work in a company, you may be ok financially but you have a boss and you are not free. When you own your own business, that is when you become a free man.

Most people who rely on gratuity and pension end up regretting. It is either the pension does not come at all or inflation had eaten into it. Pensions are not big enough and one can hardly be live on them.

When you own a business, you engage people and they all work for you giving you their respect and loyalty. We cannot quantify this in monetary terms.


As an employer, you derive a lot of satisfaction in indirectly putting food on some people's table. It is gratifying, and it is a feeling you cannot describe unless you feel it.

You cannot find this kind of book elsewhere. What you get out there are hastily prepared books from cut and paste listing businesses, most of which are not workable here.

This letter will change your mind.

I won’t deceive you. The best thing that can happen to a man is to be his own boss. You have money, affluence, and people are forced to respect and honor you.

Think again.

Have a look around you, the people who can beat their chest about tomorrow are those working for themselves, not the salary earner who is being owed 7months salary. See the Igbo boys around the corner. The woman selling beans to you,  the woman selling yam at Mile 12 or Bodija, the lady selling frozen chicken, they are much richer than you, but you won't know.

The Lie You Have Been Told

They will tell you business is risky. You will lose your money. Run away from them. Many are pessimists. Even many more see the bottle as half empty instead of half filled. They will never be rich.

Here Then Comes The Solution.

Profitable Small And Medium Businesses For Emerging Economies.

IMG 20200221 WA0002
IMG 20200221 WA0002

The Book, You Will Discover

» Discover the best way to get rich and affluent, regardless of your current situation...

» 5 secrets that will set you apart from most aspiring business owners out there. These are the essential components to making more money and be wealthy... and most of them are free!

» Find out why most aspiring business owners can not be rich and affluent. Don't make the same mistake they're making!

» A simple, proven technique that the most successful aspiring business owners use daily!

» Discover exactly what you can do to be rich and affluent. We layout the ultimate profitable small and medium businesses plan in plain black and white so there is no more guesswork... it's so easy, a child could follow it!

» This new book reveals the real secret to making more money and be wealthy (most of what you read on the Internet are dead wrong in this department)... this crucial factor alone can make or break your dreams...

» The art of making more money and be wealthy (there's a right way and a wrong way - I'll show you both so you will know exactly what to do and what not to do)...

» The minor incident that happened a few months ago that completely changed the way you can be affluent!


See what we mean……

Marketing Strategies Properly Covered

Marketing, it properly covers the sole of businesses, unlike most books out there which leave this vital aspect out. (Remember, I am a 1982 Chartered marketer from England, with an MBA and in Practice)

We tell you which marketing strategy to use for each idea.

You save money and time for consulting, which you can spend elsewhere on your business.
You concentrate on growing the business for the quick returns


You Cannot Fall Into Business Pits

"Profitable Small & Medium Businesses In Emerging Economies" exposes pitfalls for each idea.
Therefore, you will learn from others who have fallen into business pits.
Because you escape these pits, you will not waste money and time as they did.
You will not experience failure-depression, you become more confident to match on to glory and financial freedom.

Not only those......

So Many Ideas To Choose From


And The Ideas Are For Nigerians & Other Emerging Economies.

Unlike many books out there, these biz ideas are not ideas picked from the internet which are only practicable in the USA and Europe.

Were it to be so, we would have written more than a thousand.

Nigeria’s special situation, like erratic electricity supply, was taken into consideration.

There is no need looking for a needle in a stack only to find out much later that money and time and goodwill have been lost.

A Whole Business Website

You know what. Having this book on your computer or hanging it on your shelf is like having a complete business website in your hands. It is a library; you do not have to keep searching for ideas in Google or Bing or Yahoo.
It is a one-stop book.

Even better news…… There are No-Go Areas

You will learn about no-go-area-businesses which we ask you not to touch even with the longest poles.
We have researched them and we have identified them and we tell you why to run in the opposite direction when you see them.
Therefore, you will not need to lose money before you find out. It saves you troubles and resources.
You concentrate your efforts on productive activities to grow your business.
"Profitable Small & Medium Businesses In Emerging Economies" lays bare……..

How To Write A Winning And Bankable Business Plan

Should you need a facility in a bank, you just sit down and write one. You do not need to hire an expert for #50,000.

Because you wrote it, you defend it easily with the bankers.

By writing Business plans for others, this becomes another source of income for you. And if you get to be so proficient, bankers will be directing clients to you.

Life cannot be better to get to enviable heights where you can call shots and influence your society.

And you know what, we show you…

How To Source Capital And Get It With Ease.

We understand that sourcing capital could be daunting, therefore your book shows you how.
You need not consult anybody as there are easy ways to source funds, which are not known to many.
With your book, you have a free copy of the book ”How To Get Loan without Collateral”


Identifying Viable Business Opportunities.

There is nowhere the story in the book, Acres of Diamond, is truer than Nigeria. Many of us are sitting on gold without knowing it.

This book shows you how to find business opportunities from a mile.

You get in to make the kill while others are still looking.

The early birds have made tons of money before pure water became a Tom and Harry business. You will do the same.

Besides these, you are………

Constantly Kept Up To date

Possessing the book automatically qualifies you to get our regular business bulletin where we tell you new business ideas and practice.
You are current and can invest in new ideas to beat competitors.

This gives you an enormous advantage to skim the market as the early bird on a fruit tree.

By the time others know, you have probably moved to other things. Competitors will trail you forever.

Result. More cash in the till. Self-fulfillment. Happy family as you will spoil them as you want.

And if you have any questions...

You Get Life Consultancy

The moment you own this book you have me as a consultant for as long as you want.
And my service will be free.
You may not have much to ask as the book is comprehensive.
It is an easy ride from the beginning until you make the money for a comfortable life.

Not just that, the book Is....

Soul Lifting Book.

Because Profitable Small & Medium Businesses For Developing Economies is written in such a soul lifting way, it will inspire you to start your own businesses quickly.
Page 169 tells the story of how an unemployed graduate built a #6m house in two years using an idea many people look down upon.
With inspirational stories of Nigerians like you, who started from nowhere and got to the top, they fired you up to emulate them.
You will soon find yourself among the movers and shakers of your environment becoming a reference point to your fulfillment and others admiration.

This works for anyone, male or female, no matter how young or how old you are



You remain in total control!

Everything You Need To Know About Owning An SME Has Been Condensed Into This Simple-To-Use Handbook:

IMG 20200221 WA0002
IMG 20200221 WA0002


And From a Non-Guru.

I Challenge You.

Pick up your phone and call any of them.
And you know what? For all this, it is risk-free.



This is definitely not for everyone

I will not lie to you: This book is definitely not for everyone. For example:

  • If you are looking for a miracle, it is not for you.
  • If you are looking for a business, that will make you millions overnight. Please leave, you are in the wrong place.
  • If you think you can "spin" or run your way to millions without learning the ropes and following instructions, this is not for you.
  • And, if you are not prepared to work at your goal and on your business this is not for you.

I will not lie: You will need to work to make money. Anything that produces good money will never be a walk in the park.


Do not be fooled by the price.

Why it's just N4,000 ($10)

I want to make it affordable to everyone because I believe the future of Nigeria's industrialization rests on SME.

Plus, this is not some super-fancy book with a million-dollar publisher's ad budget. This is just a simple, comprehensive, and to-the-point e-book that will give you the ANSWERS in as little time as possible. No printers cost.

Above all. God gave us all we have. Why kill others? A little profit on cost is Ok.

Here's where I will get really crazy

If You Order Today You Get The Book Not For N4000 but  N2000

This is my little way of saying happy new year

And  It gets even crazier

I am SO confident that "Profitable Small & Medium Businesses In Emerging Economies" will be the BEST SME BOOK you have ever purchased that I will put my money where my mouth is by offering this DOUBLE money-back guarantee:

Guarantee #1:

Use the book for 60 days ON ME. If you do not get a profitable business idea that you can invest on  I will give you 100% of your money back… OR:

Guarantee #2:

If you don't like the book for any reason same guarantee: 100% of your money back!

I stand behind not only my product but our commitment to YOU and your success.

That's how absolutely positive we are "Profitable Small & Medium Businesses In Emerging Economies" will revolutionize your view on SME startup.

No ifsNo what and when and hows. We pay to your account straight away on request.
Since we have been selling this book, not even one person has asked for a refund and we have sold hundreds


We will sell only a limited amount at this price

After we release a few thousand copies at this RIDICULOUSLY low price, we know our servers will be taxed, our time with our buys extended as we will have to answer questions ...and we will HAVE TO INCREASE THE PRICE.

And I want to give you some
awesome gifts today...

We are supremely confident that we're giving you the absolute BEST SME start-off book.

But we're not stopping there. We want you to be so over-the-top thrilled with your decision to claim your copy of Profitable Small And Medium Businesses for emerging Economy today; we are tossing in these incredible bonuses.


"How To Wow Your Customer To keep Them For Life"

I have read this book more than 5 times. So fascinating and it has been helping me in my businesses. After reading this book, you will never lose a customer again.



The second I call the mystery book.(Not real Title) This is the book that changed my life.

Nobody reads this book and remain poor. You will not rest until you become financially comfortable.

You will get this book with a copy of Profitable Small & Medium Businesses For Nigerians



Importation is a big game where you get the real bucks. I have made good money from importation and I have  even written a book on it. This book is an eye opener. You will get this great book if you order "Profitable Small & Medium Businesses In Emerging Economies"



If You follow these laws, nothing can stop you from being rich. You get this priceless book with a copy of "Profitable Small & Medium Businesses In Emerging Economies"

If You Don't Take Advantage Of This Offer,
We Have A Parting "Gift" For You...

You will not like this, but we've been 100% honest with you so far, so we will not stop now.

Our parting "gift" is a dose of reality.

You can keep doing exactly what you're doing now. Be earning your salary and expect gratuity and a pension that will not come. Then you get to old age without fully enjoying your life.

You will be constantly gasping for money and air when you are supposed to relax and allow your business to feed you.

You are at the mercy of people and children whose problems Will not even allow them to remember you.

Your playtime with your kids and grandkids will be strictly limited to how how much fund you have, Poor people don't celebrate Christmas with children and grandchildren.

By that time it will be too late and you regret why you have not started a business when you were young and vibrant.

Sure, that's not much of a gift... but we believe in tough love.

And, we believe in YOU. We believe that you will make the best and only decision for your greatest chance at a viable business to benefit you and your family now and later in life.

Only Those Who Pay Today Will Get The Book at N2000 and  bonuses


How To Order

1.Bank Payment Or Bank Transfer

Pay N2,000 to any of the accounts below.


$6 To GTB Domiciliary Account

Name: Omiyale Richard Olajide Ayinde

GTB Dugbe, Account No 0029220273

 Domiciliary Account In Dollars  0136333039


Wema Bank, Olubadan, Account No 0120683257

2. Bank Transfer

If you have a token, and I do not see why you should not have one, You can do internet transfer to any of those accounts. It saves you time and money you spend going to the bank to queue.

Next Step

Email your payment details to
SMS to 0803-424-1050. Detailing your name, teller no and amount.
You get your book via your email. Immediately I receive the alert.

I am sorry, this offer will close today. We will increase the price to N4000 tomorrow.

The meaning of that? You must pay now when the opportunity is still there. The alternative is that you miss the chance.


Seeing you at the top
Sincerely yours,

Otunba Jide Omiyale, (MBA, FCIM)

SMS to 0803-424-1050
Jidol Consul, Ibadan.

P.S. 1. Did I tell you with the book you will get a free copy of the manual” How to Get Loan without Collateral” written by one of Nigerians Internet Gurus. 
P.S. 2.Payment as directed secures your account. If you go to the bank, it is secured. If you bank transfer, it is also secured.
P.S. 3 You prefer a printed copy? Add #500 for registered post making a total of #2500 for a printed copy to be sent to your address.




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