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  • 10 Reasons Why Oyo Should Vote Penkelemesi On Saturday

    10 Reasons Why Oyo Should Vote Penkelemesi On Saturday

    I don’t hate Seyi Makinde but I love Adebayo Adelabu Penkelemesi. Seyi’s tenacity of purpose is infectious and his rise to money and fame is inspiring, but Bayo Adelabu is better cut for the job at hand.

    Had Seyi’s opponent been another person, but Penkelemsi, it would have been a walk in the park. Seyi is good but Bayo is better. 

    These are my 10 reasons why Oyo should vote Bayo Adelabu on Saturday.

    • Bayo is a very brilliant boy, just 48 years old. He is very articulate and well-spoken. If you attended Ife and ended up with a first class, we may not be surprised. Can we say this about any of his opponents?


    • He loves Oyo state deeply. All his businesses are in Oyo State and he helped to facilitate the Technical University and the 5 major roads being constructed in the state now. His investment covers hospitality, entertainment, agriculture and real estates. He is the Group Chairman of Bayse One Group of Hotels, the Best Western Plus Hotels, Ibadan and Bayse One Farm all in Oyo state. By contrast, his main opponent is in Oil and gas and his employees are elsewhere not Oyo state except the security men guarding his properties.

    • Adelabu has experience of bureaucracy having worked in the banks culminating in his appointment as a director of CBN. He has imbibed knowledge from the feet of masters which matters a lot here and has been consultants to many governments. On the other hand, we just woke up one day to hear one Seyi Makinde wanting to be a senator in 2011. Adelabus main opponent is in oil and gas while Bayos is in Banking and finance. The CBN is a micro-Nigeria, experience in such a place will definitely be more germane in governance. Bayo knows the ropes of governance having consulted for many governments.


    • Adebayo is a prodigy. We know about how he saved First bank and his employment as a Director of CBN. For such a young man to be made a director of CBN at that age, his bosses must have seen something special in him. None of his opponents comes near him on this. They are just average people with average cerebral power.


    • We need continuity of infrastructural development, especially the big road projects going on in the state among which are Gate to Iwo road, Gate to Adegbayi, Idi-ape to Ojurin. A change to PDP will affect these projects and we may be in for many years of dealing with dust.


    • Bayo remembers his roots even as he belongs to the A-Class. Go to his alma mater, Lagelu Grammar School and see the wonders he performed there. It follows that; Bayo who did such without power will do more with power.


    • Bayo has nothing to recoup even though we do not have evidence his main opponent needs any recouping of costs. But even if you are a Dangote, contesting senatorial election once and gubernatorial election twice without winning any will surely leave  a big hole in your pocket and being human beings, you will like to do some self-help to recoup campaign expenses incurred those three attempts.


    • Bayo’s connections in the banks especially the CBN will come handy for Oyo state. He has made friends with top people and governments doing business with CBN who will be ready to assist. Having been in the CBN before as a governor, Oyo state’s business in CBN will be treated with urgency and respect.


    • As Yorubas, we may need our republic, Oduduwa republic in the nearest future and being in the main stream and being in the same pay as other Yoruba states will be a big advantage as we will be able to talk with one voice. Should Oyo go PDP that may be a dream busted.


    • Bayo has a strong political pedigree being the grand child of Adegoke Adelabu the NCNC political juggernaut of 50s. Death at a relatively young age did not allow him to be the premier and Western region was sad for it. It is normal to let his grandson reap where his grandpa sowed. Seyi hasn’t gotten such and some people are even doubting his Ibadan root. Some believe he is more Osun than Ibadan.

    Seyi is Good, But Bayo is Better.

    On Saturday 9th March 2019, it’s next level. It’s Adelabu. It’s Penkelemesi.

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