A Unique Way To Sell Meat And Make Money

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Meat is a delicacy of Nigerians.No set of people is more class conscious than Nigerians. I want to show my neighbour that am better off. Add a little bit of class to

No set of people is more class conscious than Nigerians. I want to show my neighbour that am better off. Add a little bit of class to meat selling and you are on the way.

I am used to Ibadan and I cannot say there are many meat shops even as I cannot say categorically that there is none. What is common is those selling in the markets and those hawking.


I am however  aware  that  a  young  lady  is  making  real  money  doing  this business in Lagos. For Gods sake, why is this not replicated all over Lagos mega city and other big Towns and cities in the country?

Our problem is this; we leave money-spinning jobs to not so educated people. We call them mean jobs. For Gods sake, what is demeaning for a graduate to have a meat shop?

Everybody wants a job at Mobil or Zenith, jobs that are not there. Baxter, the meat people, is a meat company in England with outlets in all their towns and cities, bringing meat nearer to the people and employing thousands in the process. Who is doing that here?

The advantage of this business is that buyers know exactly what they are paying for a Kilogram unlike the normal meat sellers who ripped people off.

You need a shop located in a place with high human traffic, a freezer, Table, Cutlass, Knife and a table scale and you are on. I must add that you have to be neat and use overall.

[meat cooked]

I always emphasise differentiation and class, this one is not different. You may need a clearance from the local government.

I bet it, if I know Nigeria and Nigerians as I do, being a legitimate  biz,  the  officials  won’t  choke  you  up  when  you    are  just starting..

Did I tell you, you need a generator set? Yes, you do, to keep the unsold fresh all the time.

If you do not have one, you can keep the unsold with frozen fish dealer in your area at a price which is usually meager. You can also apply this system to fish and pork where permissible.

more profitable businesses

I have deliberately left out chicken because its importation is banned and I do not subscribe to illegality. The fish dealers may refuse storing pork for you overnight. The alternative is to fry the remains and sell.

Now, you say pork, yes pork, people do eat it. I have watched people picking fried pork at Agric bus stop in Ikorodu in large numbers; a heap in a tray is reduced to nothing within minutes in the evening.

Of course, if the woman is not making profit she would have packed up, but she is there every night.

God, the people we call illiterates have more money- making sense than we do. Let me digress.


A woman very well known to me was retrenched recently from a teaching job and I advised her to be frying yam in a well- trafficked open place, if she did not consider it demeaning.

She took my advice and one month after she employed another hand. She had come to thank me. She did not have to, I pass always and I know business is good.

MARKETING: Open shop in an open place and stay till about 9pm if possible for people closing late from work.  You may do vehicle promotion in your area distributing flyers to let them know you have opened. Plates or cloth adverts on walls and PHCN poles in your area.




The rest now depends on service.

CAVEAT. Sell fresh meat; Do not force stale meat on people. If it gets bad, accept your luck and move on. They will pay you at the end.





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