Abba Kyari, The Brilliant Corp Who Erred On The Side Of Judgement.


Abba Kyari, The Brilliant Corp Who Erred On The Side Of Judgement.

Were detective Abba Kyari a European or American, he would not be in the mesh of mess that Hushpuppi has dragged him. The well-decorated corp is being killed by the communalism of the African culture and particularly Nigeria.


We are so open and drop all the guards when we want to help a friend or brother. We are our brother’s keeper, which is why an adult will live with his parents with no housekeeping support.

In England, Africans are the only people who would approach the bar and the barman would ask how many pints of beer because the Nigerian will not buy only for himself but also for all his friends. They have asked me that question several times. How many pints Rich, 10 or 14? That is the culture that is destroying Kyari now.

Please read this. I had a problem with the police about thirty years ago when they wanted to rope me for an accident I did not cause simply because I hit one vehicle which was involved in an accident many hours before mine and which resulted in a loss of life.

The police insisted that I was involved in the earlier accident but God and being alert helped me. They sent the police officer who came to inspect the scene of the earlier accident to inspect my accident. When he arrived the first thing he said was, this car was not there when the first accident happened and I quickly memorized his police no and that was what saved me.

Now, hear what my senior brother, who was a police officer, said when I contacted him for help. He said Jide, if you commit murder, I will not support you but I will defend you. I was shocked and never forgot that statement. Of course, he helped with no reward. Not only him but also my Lawyer friend, both of whom are alive as I am writing, got me out of the jaws of greedy and wicked police officers. That is the culture eating up Kyari.

Kyari is guilty of being naïve and uncircumspect. How is he going to convince us he does not know that Hushpuppi is a fraud and an illegit with the life he lives on Instagman and social media? The test of legitimacy is simple. Nobody sweats to make his money and display it on social media like they do. When a man does that, he is most probably a fraud.


It is these people that will turn spraying into stoning? And all these monies they display and stone one another with in parties will hardly buy 20 Dangote trucks.

Back to Kyari. Yes, he is daft here for accepting Hushpuppi on face value and this becomes an albatross for him because he is a detective who one will expect to do due intelligence vetting before getting close, but do we convict him because of this? Don’t think so.

Please, I am not saying Corp Kyari is a saint, but who is? In present Nigeria and with all his exploits he is a damn good corp compared to others. He is only guilty of accepting Hushpuppi as he presented himself to him and we know Yahoo boys are the most manipulative set of people living. Manipulation of people,s mind is what they feed on which is Kharis undoing.

It is not likely that Kyari  benefited from this deal, other than the money Hushpuppi sent to one of the boys account and I bet it would not have been more that a couple hundreds of thousand for the boys to smoke and drink.

Were it to be in Million,s FBI would have mentioned the amount? Should we now allow the FBI predators to feed on our very best who erred at worst on the side of discretion when there is no evidence he benefited directly from this deal?

Some people ask why he should associate himself with a fraud like Hushpuppi? But many people see Hushpuppi as a legit estate developer and high-net products ambassador such as Gucci. If Kyari is guilty of association, so are Dino Menaye and Atiku who all drank wine with Hushppuppi. With all the money he flaunted, his total assets cannot make a dent on Atiku’s wealth. Do we now say Atiku is a criminal?

Hushpuppi kept taking about job which could very well have been estate business. Then you ask, why did Kyari not ask questions?

Another perspective is this: for those accusing Kyari of wrong association. The work of a detective is like that of a Journalist. You mingle with both high and low to get information to work with, which is why you cannot blame Kyari.

Where do you think he gets the information to crack the hard cases if not from those on the ground as the big hardly snitch on one another? You now see why his rise is meteoric.

IMG 20200221 WA0002
IMG 20200221 WA0002

When I saw a video where he was dancing to Remi Aluko music, you would think he was born in Mushin. This is the crowd giving him the info to crack those hard cases.

How do you think he cracked Wadume, and Evans cases? Nigerians most dreaded kidnappers? And while on that, don’t you think these people had millions to offer him. There must have been offers, but no acceptance.

You said he has mansions? Yes, he probably does, but Nigerians spoil their celebrities. Nigerians love Kyari and when Nigerians love you, they can do anything for you. Never met Kyari before buy if I had 100Naira on me, I will give him 50 of it.

We should not condone fraud in any form and particularly Yahoo-fraud where they literarily murder their victims, but we should not in a haste throw Kyari to these Greyhounds from Washington. Many of them dislike us and they will surely do their best to destroy our best.

What to do? Let IG do a thorough and transparent fact check of this case and if Abba Kyari is not guilty, Nigeria should hold on to him but if they find him guilty, let him boil in his own stew.

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