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About me

I am Otunba Jide Omiyale. I run this site with other professionals,including Accountants, Lawyers, Commercial Bankers and Investment Bankers

My academic qualifications and my more than 305 years in management qualifies me to run a site on business ideas , entrepreneurship  and business promotion. You agree?
I hold three degrees spanning Chemistry, Marketing and Business Administration.
I have been in teaching, managing at the top level in top-of-the-shelf conglomerate and in the past years, have been in management consulting in addition to a couple of businesses I run.
In Ibadan axis, I have been a regular resource person in management seminars especially to NYSC graduands.  Some other time, you find me speaking on Radio.
What else?
Oh, before you accuse me of being irresponsible because we Africans believe you are not responsible if you are single. I am married and have raised professionals,  Accountants, Bankers and a Nurse.Some of them will be contributing here.
On the net, I have the following sites. This is my authority site and it is for people who want to own small or medium scale businesses in Nigeria. Here, we give free advice for entrepreneurs on businesses they can do in Nigeria and how to do them profitably.

⦁ A site for couples who want to have a specific sex for their next baby. The site generally focuses on the welfare of both mother and baby.  These include diets, clothing, toys and so on. It is a one site stop for both mother and child .

⦁ This is really for men who suffer quick release medically called premature ejaculation. It targets men who cannot sexually satisfy their partner. Ladies who want to prop up their partners are welcome. Generally, this site wants to make men better in bed behind closed doors. For helping people with Pearly Penile Papules to get rid of them
⦁    101 Businesses Nigerian Graduates Can Do.
⦁    Easy Road To Solid Wealth.
⦁    Do It Yourself

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. I just come across your site when browsing i love it so much. I commend you for a good job well done. My question is where can buy your books apart from your office or online? Am in ilesha in osun state now. THANKS.

    1. Jonathan. You can get the hard copy by registered post. It will take about 3 working days to get to you at Ilesha. Follow the payment instruction , make the payment and inform me. Sorry for late reply. My Engineer was working on the site.

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