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  • Ajimobi, We No Send You.

    Ajimobi, We No Send You

    A governor should know his people, their wants and needs, Isiaka Ajimobi does not. While we, his people care so much about our today, he is bothered about tomorrow. My baby would say (“enia o ti jeun yo, eni ko ma fowo pamo’) A man’s stomach is not filled up, you say, he should save money.

    If my baby had N200, he would go to Abu Olododo, the local baker and get his fresh bread. At about 6years, he was a paddy to the baker who always kept his bread for him. My people, just like my baby, want to enjoy today and leave tomorrow to take care of itself. Ajimobi does not understand this.

    Ajimobi on assumption of office set up Operation Burst bought them patrol vehicles which he backed with adequate funding. Before you knew it, the garage boys were caged.

    You could walk though Iwo Road at 9pm without any molestation and we were free from the motor-pack rough necks marrying our wives and raping our daughters.

    We the parents could sleep at night without setting up security outfits in the night to burn used tires to stop the night marauders.

    We even heard he is thinking about buying spy cameras to install at all flash points across the state to deter the night boys and keep them out of the state. Who send am?

    Throughout these 8 years, there has not been a case bank robbery in Oyo state, but during his predecessor’s time, robbers were the kings.

    For a whole week, banks in Bodija could not open and on a particular day, the king of the roads raided from  Idi-Ape to Adegbayi, snuffing out lives out of 9 people including police men. Who send am, we no care.  Security our foot.

    This money is security money which he does not have to account for. He should have divided the money among the GOC, Commissioner of Police, DSS director, OPC, Agbekoya, Imams and Pastors and give them instruction to spend the money for the people. How?  Arrange parties and ask Tiaye Currency and Merenge to take the band stands and spray naira yanfun yanfun for the people.

    That way there will be money in circulation and we will all be happier.

    The governor himself should invite the 2 big ones, Obesere and Osupa to take up Admashingba stadium every Saturday, where we will all be treated to plenty of Amala and Abula which we will wash down with chilled Gulder and Matina.

    Remenber, I did not mention K1, who is an Ijebu man but those mentioned are Oluyole boys who will now use the money to acquire more Silifas and Adijats, pay area boys and thus spreading the money.

    Useless governor. The other day, I was in the secretariat and noticed every available space was taken over by brand new tractors. On enquiry, I was told they were meant to be distributed to local governments to assist the farmers. I asked, who send am?

    I thought they said this guy had a 1st class in the university. He knows nothing about empowering his people. This money should have been used to buy millions of cutlasses at Ogunpa, commission the black smiths at Beere, Ojaaba, Oyo Ogbomosho and  Fiditi to make shoes to be distributed to the farmers. By that, the cutlass sellers and blacksmiths will make more money which they will now spend in the community and we all will be happy.

    We have no business with mechanised farming, after all, our fathers were using hoes and cutlasses to farm and they fed well and lived longer.

    Ajimobi does not know anything about education. He says he wants to upgrade the schools by fencing them, equip the laboratories,  stock the libraries and computer rooms.

    For this, he had the effrontery to ask parents to pay a whopping N3000 per student per anum. He is not serious. Where does it want the money to come from? Has he forgotten that we have Aso-Ebi to buy every Saturday?

    Who cares if the kids go out as they like in the school unchecked? They will have time to play table tennis and compound soccer at 9am and who knows they could be world beaters in future.

    He said those who do not pass English and Maths should not be promoted to SS3 thereby improving the states’ WASC results. Who cares? We no send am. Omo ti o ku o fail. They should all be promoted and the state must pay the examination fees for the failure galore.

    He equipped and staffed the health centres and I can attest that 3 are in my community and in my office another one is about 500meters away. The only problem is that they don’t give you receipts for drugs purchased and to correct this, the governor supplied computers for sock control which the workers refused to use.

    Who send am? We didn’t learn computer in school and cannot learn how to use computer now. In any case we do not need his drugs. He should have given loans to Iya Ilas in Oje, Alhajas in Bode and instruct them to stock all the leaves and roots needed by the Babawos who will now come and access the materials for free.

    This done, they will be empowered and will have spare money to complete their houses and buy more Aso-Ebi and we will all be happy.

    His biggest folly is not to understand that the civil servants are the blood of governance, supplying oxygen to the brain. When the civil servants are not happy, governance collapse.

    He is making dual carriage roads; he restructured the busy Mokola roundabout and built a bridged there such that one now takes only 10minutes from Gate to Dugbe which hitherto took about 45minutes. Who send am?

    This is the money he should have used to pay 50,000naira minimum wage, increase School Principlal’s front office staff from 7 to 17 and pay 3 months salary as Christmas bonus and make promotion automatic every year. If he does this, civil servants will be able to buy more cars, marry more wives and take on more mistresses. Nothing spoil, there will be more money flowing around and we will be all happy.

    Ajimobi does not know how to gbadun and extend it to people?

    One of his predecessors turned government charlets in Agodi to hotels where he bedded the wives of mighty and low including the wives of Obas, not only in Oyo state but also other  places as far as Ondo state.

    If aunty Slifa could get his phone number and tell him how handsome he is, you can be sure, your family will be 10m naira richer any time aunty Silifa goes to one of the slaughters’ slab.

    If brother Maruf is dedicating his child and somehow gets the governor invited, all of you at the ceremony had won baba-jebu.

    The jewellery sellers in Gbagi and Dugbe cannot forget this man in a hurry, so also are the bleaching cream sellers. This is the way to govern, so that there will be plenty to spend which will make the money to flow around. If Ajimobi had done that, we will not be complaining about hunger as we do now. And would have been on his way to Abuja as a senator.

    I have advice for the incoming governor. He should learn from Ajimobis mistake of not understanding his people. We, his people, care more about our stomach than anything else. And as a management consultant I also suggest as follows.

    He should establish a mini brewery in each local government and pipe beer to several points where we can go and collect pints of beer every evening. He should also establish ‘Miliki banks’ in all local governments where we will go and collect money whenever we have child dedications and graduation parties for our hairdressers and vulcanizers.

    When mama Kabira births her 10th child, she can just walk to any of the banks and collect money. The new governor should not forget Owanbe pasties in all the stadia and open spaces in the state where we will all wine and dine every Saturday evening with bundles of  naira to spay, so tey, we will forget church on Sundays. That is empowerment

    If the new governor wants more ideas along this line, he is free to contact me and my team. We will give him a bankable proposal which will guarantee his 2 terms without campaigning.

    It’s been a while, Senator Isiaka Iyiola Ajimobi, the governor who does not understand his people.


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