Another Way To Make Money From Bread


Elsewhere in this site, I said some people make money from bread distribution, There used to be a man coming from Lagos to collect bread from Ibadan, repack and sell in Victoria Island, Lagos.

That was then, but these days people   act as distributors to UAC and Leventis bread. They bring the bread from Lagos to sell in Ibadan. To be executive distributor is to drop the bread in the doorsteps of the wealthy and this you may add to your bread shop or kiosk.

It is a job you can do very early in the morning in an area habited by rich people. For example, if you live at Omolayo Estate in Ibadan you can distribute high-class bread in your area.

The idea is to take it to them instead of them coming to you and they will gladly pay for the extra. You will know outright that you have to be mobile to do this. A bike will do for a start but a car with space at the back is better.

You must ensure that the bread you are distributing is of very high quality because you are dealing with high net people.

You will not be able to collect money as you deliver to save time and cover more ground, so an arrangement has to be made to pay weekly.

Your baker will have to be carried along or you buy outright. You will need a tabulated form for each house where you record as you deliver. The people you are selling to cannot owe. It is easier to deal with the rich.

MARKETING. Introduce your outfit on a pretty letterhead and follow up personally. Present yourself respectably as an outfit offering a service.

CAVEAT. Do not disappoint. If for any reason you cannot deliver the next morning let them know the evening before. It will be frustrating to wait for bread that will not come.

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