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  • Atiku, The Limit Of Clairvoyance And Marabouts.

    Unknown to his supporters, there is a hidden motivation driving Alhaji Abubakar Atiku as he pursues his ambition to rule Nigeria. I am surprised the supporters have failed to realise this hidden force pushing the Waziri, perhaps they too are all sold on it as well.

    We didn’t get to know this force until his boss wrote his book where he sent Atiku to the cleaners.   Among many ill-mannerisms, Obasanjo accused his VP of too much reliance on marabouts and propensity to throw money at all problems.

    Yes, Obasanjo and Atiku were close and he should know him inside out and on these two issues it would appear Obasanjo is totally correct. Atiku sure throws money at problems. He does that as a capitalist because money is the only language he understands.

    Immediately Secondus became PDP chairman, Atiku made him a director of Intel, the Kalokalo Company that milks Nigeria at the Ports Authority to enrich the Waziri. Again, at the Port-Harcourt convention, we all witnessed how dollars made people to vote against their conscience and principals. Kwankwaso was a pity sight as he watched his trusted red–cap  wearing associates voting for Atiku. You cannot blame them, $9000 is a lot of money even to the rich.

    We are not so concerned about that today; it’s the marabout aspect we want to talk about.

    In 1999. Atiku’s Marabouts told him he would win the gubernatorial election in Adamawa but would not be the governor. It happened just like that as Atiku became the VP to Obasanjo having won the guber. The Marabouts. also told him something much bigger; he would rule Nigeria one day and it’s in manifestation of this prediction that laid the foundation for the problems he had with Obasabjo which culminated in the demolishing of Atiku’s integrity in Obasanjo’s book..

    In an attempt to quicken the manifestation of the vision, he became inordinately ambitious and was not ready to wait for his time. From that moment, he was doing everything possible to undermine his boss. Of course Ebora Owu, an  enigma in his own right, even for wrong reasons, saw  through all these shenanigans and came out victorious, except the third term agenda which the whole country joined hands together to frustrate.

    Since then, Atiku had become so desperate moving from one party to the other not minding it affected his integrity which became decisive in this election. He moved from PDP to APC back to PDP to APC and now PDP. You cannot blame him, age is no more on his side and the prediction has to be fulfilled..

    It is this same much reliance on Matabouts that made Atiku plunge into the candidacy of PDP presidential candidate when all indices pointed to failure for him. Not known to his supporters, it is this dependence on marabouts that is still embolden him go to the court for an election he lost woefully.

    The parallel vote tabulation process he and his fellow desperados depend on had been busted by Uk.  Hear Harriett Baldwin, UK’s minister of state for Africa. “The Nigerian people have demonstrated resilience and a commitment to democracy. The result declared by the Nigerian election commission is consistent with the result obtained through the civil society Parallel Vote Tabulation process. Along with our international partners, the UK believes the Nigerian people can have confidence in the result.”

    If not reliance on clairvoyance and Marabouts, where is his basis of going to court then?

    For years, Atiku had been trying to work to answer and this will end in futility as many before him who too much Marabouts found out.

    Once, there were three friends, all generals, who went to a Marabout who predicted they would all be presidents of this country at different times. Two did become presidents but the third never and will never be as he is dead already. He too tried severally to work to answer as Atiku is doing now, but he never got there. Limit of clairvoyance.

    We had a great prophet in my town when we were growing up (not Apostle Ayodele Babalola) who prophesied with high degree of accuracy. He was such a renowned seer of God that people would wait for him on his morning evangelism to pray for them and give them visions. This  was besides many   that thronged his house for consultation.

    One of my cousins went to him with the name of a guy she wanted to marry  which the man of God rejected because, according to the man of God, he would die young. My cousin took the advice, rejected the man but the man is still living in affluence in Lagos and is about 70 years. Limit of clairvoyance.

    To my young readers, take this to the bank. You may need the direction of men of God, but you must be able to draw the line. Most of the time, it’s better to follow your mind. You know it’s your choice and won’t regret it even if it does not work out completely.

    Prophets, Marabouts, Imams Alfas are not God. They have only chosen that work as their profession. Were they to be correct all the time, they will become God and they will never.

    Atiku has gotten to the end of that prediction, the rest is illusion.

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