Bake Bread, Bake Money


Bake Bread, Bake Money



You do not have to be a millionaire to make bread. Make special bread and people will beat a path to your place.
Bread sells.
Not all those women along the road selling bread are there to enjoy the sun; they make money from bread and on bread.
You do not even need the local bakery to start. I mean those bakeries made of mud. There are people constructing bread ovens for as little as N30000. I know a woman here baking for soldiers at “Ojoo” area in Ibadan and she is doing well for herself.

The secret is a sweet and delicious recipe and good packaging. For packaging, copy the leaders like Leventis and UAC. If you have a vehicle, it will expand your coverage but never mind, if you do not have, start and concentrate on an area.
For example, if you live at Jakande estate or Gowon Estate in Lagos, concentrate on your area. To finish them off, you can deliver at their houses. As long as it is ok and packaged well, they will buy.
Remember, when people buy bread, they buy the loaf and the wrapper. I must not deceive you and I will not, you need to master your recipe properly before you hit the market. If you are not from a family of bakers, cut a cheque and learn. There is no short cut.

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Do you know that there are many, making money from bread distribution? Yes, there are. At Iloko, a town near Ilesha in Osun State, Oba Olashore bakes bread that sells as far as Ibadan and Ado Ekiti. Of course Leventis and UAC bread sell in Ibadan . With time and better infrastructure Lagos bread will be eaten in Maiduguri. It is bread my brother, everybody eats it.
Phillip Kotler, the father of modern marketing cannot sell a bad product and bread cannot be different. Make a good loaf, package it well within reasonable price range and that is it.
Having done that, visit your locality with handbills possibly with small samples. You want a name, OK, JOY LOAF Or BLESSED BREAD
This is food, please be neat. To stand out, have a white overall with your brand name neatly inscribed at the back with red colour. The overall is necessary for whoever is distributing.
Little things like this matter and make the difference. If you have the misfortune to make bad bread, do not send it out. Destroy them,



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