Bankable Business Proposal, You Can Write One.


Bankable Business Proposal, You Can Write One.

victoryOne of the easiest ways to make money in business is to have stimulating business idea to be sponsored by an established organization. This way you do not spend your own money to make money. You transfer the risk to the big boy who can absorb it.
If MTN is sponsoring a program on the Radio to be anchored by an outsider then you are witnessing what I am talking about. Who wants to be a millionaire on the TV is another example of sponsored programs. They are sweet business endeavors when they have come to fruition. But there is a small snag. You will need to write a proposal or hire somebody to do it for you to the big company. After submission you will be invited to defend it if you have written a persuasive proposal and if they are interested enough.
Similarly, if you want a businessman to buy into your business idea and assist financially, you will need to write a bankable proposal. What that means is that you have to write a proposal that is a sure-banker as the Yorubas will say. It must convince during the proposal stage that it is a lucrative business.
On the same note, if you want the bank to support your business idea you also need to write a bankable proposal. The bank, more than anyone else wants to be sure that they are not throwing good money after bad business. Because, no matter how careful you may be in these things, you at times end up backing a wrong horse. This is the reason why a good a proposal is not enough; it has to be very good if not excellent.
The good news is that it is not so difficult to write. You just have to follow a template which you may have to adjust to fit your particular purpose. But we have found out that not many can write it. Many do not have the time or wherewithal. There is an example of a simple business proposal on this site.
You will need to cover the following topics.


• Introduction.
• Objective
• Product
• Opportunities
• Threats
• Logistics.
• Benefits To The Sponsor
• Benefit To Your Organization
• Funding

  • Prove the profitability and feasibility

• Why The Principal Must Sponsor The Project?

• Executive Summary.
The list is not by any means exclusive. For example if you are proposing a seminar you will need a chapter for resource persons and course outline.
See a sample of a proposal here.
You Cannot Write It? If for any reason, you will want us to write one for you on any small and medium business in Nigeria, you are in the right place, Whether for yourself, to Bank Of Industry, commercial Banks or corporate Organization and high net individuals, we will handle it perfectly.
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