Bees Farming, Breeds Money Like Bees In Hives.

Bee Farming hive
Bee Farming hive

Bees Farming, Breeds Money Like Bees In Hives.Image result for bees farming

Bees produce honey. Of all the things created by God, honey arguably, has the most medicinal value.

A spoon of original honey every morning will send those little ailments scampering. The problem is how to get the original honey that is 100% pure.

The truth is that many of the products you see are adulterated and those do more damage than good.

The market is vast. In fact, if people know that your honey is pure, the distributors will take your entire product. The present supply cannot meet the demand because not many are into it. Honey also sells internationally.Image result for bees farming

Producing honey needs a lot of commitment and you have to love the job. If your honey is pure, you have a ready market in teaching hospitals and general public because as I said, the use is extensive. Producing honey is a specialty. You cannot jump into this as you will selling of beer but the reward is worth it.

To do it you have to learn. Learn not from these N3000 seminars but from a practicing farmer.

It is worth it because as they say, what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. My brother, you do not do bees farming in the city but do it well, the city people will come to the bush to find you.

I know of a retired person in Oke Ogun area of Oyo state making cool cash from this business.

Apart from the land, which you will lease, you need some specially constructed boxes and equally specially made overalls to visit the bees hive.

MARKETING:  The business is self-promoted. A distributor with a wide network can take all your honey. So if you have two or three of them you are ok. On the other hand, two or three hospitals can take all.

CAVEAT. Please do not take unnecessary risk, talk to experts. Do not adulterate your product because people will know and it will kill the business. Please read Honey distribution.



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