Biodun Fatoyinbo, A Pastor Being Persecuted For The Wrong Offence.

biodun fatoyinbo Busola Dakolo
biodun fatoyinbo Busola Dakolo

Biodun Fatoyinbo, A Pastor Being Persecuted For The Wrong Offence.

When we were growing up, there was this tale we used to crack over our green bottles in our many watering holes in Ibadan. It’s titled ‘me wo, me soro’ translated as, I was just looking at him without uttering a word’

The story is about an isobo couple (Isobos are our Ijaw brothers palm tree harvesters). The husband went to report a case of adultery with his wife against a farmer in the same community. At the palace, the chiefs asked the wife to state her case. So she goes.

‘Kabinyesi, this man entered our room through the window when my husband was not around, me wo, me soro. He quietly slept beside me, me wo, me soro. He removed my coverlet, me wo, me soro. He climbed on top of me, me wo, me soro. After, he penetrated me, me wo, me soro and then suddenly, he was going up and down me wo, me soro. In unison, all the chiefs responded with curses, ori e lo buru, aiye e lo ma baje, O si tun wo na, o soro. You were still looking at him without uttering a word.

biodun fatoyinbo Busola Dakolo
biodun fatoyinbo Busola Dakolo

This Bisola Dakolo/Fatoyinbo saga is a classical example of ‘me wo, me soro’.

Please let it be clear and understood that I will never support taking advantage of a weaker person let alone rape. If I had my way, I will have all rapists fried live in burning vegetable oil or thrown alive into the midst of 300 famished greyhounds. I have daughters and if anybody tries as much as rape any of them and I know him; he is done for.

Besides that, I am not a fan of Fatoyinbo. He could know the bible more than Bishop Ajayi Crowder or even the pope, sorry, I am not a fan. He looks too flamboyant and offish to be a scandal-free man of God and here we have the scandal now.

Did Biodun rape Bisola? I am afraid, No. Did Biodun have sex with Bisola, a resounding yes? By mutual agreement and I have my points.

Those who have the experience say it’s a tug of war to take the virginity of a girl even with her consent let alone when she does not agree to it. Now for you to be raped as a virgin In your own house, with your sister in, with no struggles and after, your supposed assailant went outside to bring a bottle of Krest and you took the content without asking questions.

In Yoruba culture, you do not open the door to a stranger in a night-dress. Reasonable Yoruba girl will excuse herself, put a dress on.

Another question is, what role the sister play in all this. The standard practice is for everybody in the house to come to welcome a visiting pastor. Why did Bisola’s sister not come down to welcome the pastor? The sister must have been like, it’s their business. She must have been aware of their familiarity and closeness otherwise she should have come down and entertained the pastor with her sister. So this part one of the drama looks like a badly written play to me…

car hood
car hood

The next episode is the most ridiculous. He took you from the church, drove you to a corner, and pulled you out of the car. He tried it at the boot and when he could not penetrate he took you to the hood for easy penetration. Me wo, me soro.

Apparently, this was in the night and why follow a rapist out in the night?  Bisola should explain how this happened, maybe we will understand better how it becomes rape, because I cannot fathom how even consensual sex will be easy on a car bonnet let alone rape?  Maybe I am too young or inexperienced.

Somebody said rape victims feel like taking the lives of their assailants if they could. That is the hatred they have for them. How does this woman mind work? You still spent several years in the man’s church, took a car gift from him, and allowed him to wed you. Some rape indeed.

As for Dakolo, he is a fall guy and he will be the greatest loser in this. He orchestrated this problem as a revenge to get at Fatoyinbo for the punishment meted to him in the church. I am sure by now; he must regret his action.

Hitherto, we didn’t know but now, we all know you had abortions and that at least one or two of your children were born before the wedding. I don’t know which sensible husband will expose his wife and kids to this kind of ridicule because you want to get at a man. In Yoruba land, we don’t forget things like this easily, so also is the internet and It won’t surprise one, if one day, one kid comes home crying because of this.

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Already, there are murmurs and whispers in some social media that Dakolo should do DNA for his children and confirm if he is actually their father? What a pain in the heart and this for getting back at a man?

And for those supporting the Dakolos including the one who had a child at 16, I say kudos. They have a right to think the way they like and support who they chose to, but I have some questions for them. Where were they when fathers raped their own daughters? Where were they when a senator married a child here?

In some parts of the north today, they marry girls barely out of their nappies and you all kept mute. Now, because it’s one of you and because of trending and followership in social media you all went hysteria, outdoing one another in a complex case that calls for serious thinking and analysis. Hypocrites, you all.

Would there have been this hullabaloo, if Fatoyinbo is still a struggling pastor in one local church in Kwara? Give us  some air please.

it is clear the clergy is not so clean from the many reports we have read, but who among them is clean? Apart from the elderly ones, who among the randy ones can raise his index finger to God and swear, it is him and his wife alone?

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I tell people, these people are not God. They are apostles and preachers just as we have Engineers and Doctors. It’s their work but they are still human beings. But there are prerequisites for different jobs.

One prerequisite to lead a church is to live a clean life, and this includes not being an adulterer.

On this ground, Biodun Fatoyinbo is found wanting. Let him serve his punishment, confess his sins and make a covenant with God and his seniors that he won’t sin anymore. That done, he should go back to his pulpit. We have seen worse things here.

If the Dakolos and their followers are not happy they can approach the court


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