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Nice to have you taking advantage of this write up and I assure you, you  will be glad you did. That is, by the time you have gone through it. It is full of disclosures you will surely find useful.

The title of this free report is what is referred to as writers licence. Any business can fail if not managed properly. If you fetch water  without the necessary control, you can run bankrupt.

However, I have researched some businesses one can do with a lot of margin which allows a reasonable percentage of error. Some of them you do not even need a lot of capital to start.

I call them FEET.  You cannot embark on them and regret.

Now, there is no point getting a report like this and fail to put what you have learnt into practice. Should you do that, it would amount to a colossal waste.

Go ahead, read and practise.

Happy reading.


                 F  FOR  FOOD


The F is equal to food. Do not ask me for the others because I will not tell you now but you may be guessing already.

The problem we educated people have is that we think little of many lucrative businesses and leave it to those not so educated.  And these people are pilling tons of money on daily  basis.

Look at it like this, who does not eat? During war you have to eat even if you may be expecting the bullet (God forbid)

Look at how much money is changing hands at Mile 12 in Lagos and Bodija Market in Ibadan daily. My banker friend says the daily turnover at Bodija is about 2.5Billion.

When shops along the rail line in Ibadan were being demolished, a lady whose shop was among, dealing in Palm oil and Rice bought another shop for 13millon without any bank assistance.

Read The Book That Made Many Rich.

Those women in filthy dresses you see behind yam tubers or yam flour make loads of money. Some of them have 4 flats buildings. I know because I have researched it and I have experienced this first hand.

My mother is 79 years and she owns a story building selling just yams. She didn’t build it yesterday, the building is more than 30 years old.

She has not built another because there is no need for it. Her other two friends in the same business have similar houses.

All you see with many educated people is tie and big English, no liquidity, no investment. When they retire they go and buy pepper grinding machine…

Now this business is divided into many strata and we will pick them one after the other.


You can sell this in your area in a shop. Buy rice, Beans in bags and break bulk.  Make sure you stay till late for people coming home late. Your shop must be on a road well trafficked by foot.

Businesses--Raw Food
Businesses–Raw Food

Buy well to sell well. The margin you may say is not much but when you buy well, you sell well and the turn-over is large.That is the secret and you can get some cups free.

In Ikorodu, my senior cousin has a house built largely on the proceeds from this business when he was retrenched and I asked him to change to this line.

The Igbo man and his wife round the corner are not stupid. If there is no money there you wont see Igbo man there.

You cannot afford to leave the shop for people you do not trust. People can be smart you know.

This Book Will Change Your Life

You may want to expand the frontier by supplying the rich. With cell phones, this should not be difficult. You register with them and they call you when they need or you ask them if their supply is down.

You know the rich are lazy and their children lazier. Supply them in bags, they will pay and do not forget to factor in the other overheads.

If you have the fund and you are still young, go straight for the kill. Go to the source and bring the raw food to the market women. When you arrive, they scramble for your stuff, gather your money for you and you go back.

Businesses--Raw Food
Businesses–Raw Food

It may be a difficult job but then stealing is not easy. If you want to deal in Yams go to the central states of Nigeria. These are Niger, Kogi, Plateau, indeed those states surrounding Abuja.

If you want to deal in beans you go to the North but you will need the assistance of a person who speaks the language.

You may use your proceed to ferry palm oil to the north but I do not advise that. I preach specialization.

It is easy to make money in Nigeria. Even as there are regulatory agencies, they look the other way for budding businesses. They pretend they do not see you but they see you, they are only allowing you to operate because ours is a growing economy. Here is the only place you can open shop without any type of registration. Take the advantage and start on. There are more lucrative biz ideas at

Otunba Jide Omiyale (MBA,FCIM)




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