Busted: Simple Importation Tricks To Bring Loads Of Cash!


If you are not making money, it is your fault.

I do not know why some young people still complain of joblessness or unemployment. I kept telling those who are ready to listen and learn that there are enough opportunities here for the creative and hard-working ones.

There are businesses you can start with as little as 20kand even some with zero Naira. But the problem is that some of these young ones are so lazy.

They all want white-collar jobs.

They  seek jobs for lazy people which will fetch them money without sweat. Like sitting idle on a chair in a local government or state secretariat without a file to treat in a whole week.

One business you can do now is importation and it pays. And Nigeria is one of the easiest places to do start a business.

I know guys making a kill of it now. Pat Ogidi for one and Gbolagade is another and one young guy in Ibadan here called Alimi. They are making good from this business.

I am not making a kill because I am old and cannot move like them but I thrill myself and my immediate environment with items I import.

For this x-mas, I have ordered military watches for my fellow elders in the alter in the church and I am sure they will be excited. For my staff and close associates I have ordered nice things for them. 1418434831423-P-2278064 q
The good part they will think I am so loaded to have gotten expensive items for them. The military watches are coming for about N1200 and you cannot get them for less than 3k, that is if you can even see them.

To all these people I will become a hero.

You can start importation business and this is how to go about it.

There are many sites in the east, by east I mean China, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and the rest of them.

Take this for example.


Find them and work with some of them who are going to give you good prices. Please do this thoroughly. (If you do not buy well you cannot sell well. There are many with good prices.

Think about items that will move in Nigeria. If you do not know this offhand, browse through the sites and some items will catch your attention. Items on security of life will move and so are sex items. Yes, sex items. Have you hear that nothing sells like sex.

You already have an account in the bank. Get a token and pay with your account and better still open a paypal account to get you covered.

Import your item and ship to Nigeria through the post office or one of the many courier companies for quick delivery.

Clear your items and sell.

Marketing. You can sell through distributors or directly to your customers.
Or open store with Konga or Jumia and direct traffic to your products,.

And then make your money.

We cannot treat this topic exclusively here but you can get help from this link.  


Have a nice Christmas.

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