CYBERCAFE Can Still Fetch Money


My office is situated in a shopping complex of about 100 office rooms.

There is no other computer in the complex apart from mine and therefore there cannot be internet connection for anybody else in the complex apart from me.

I can even say further that there is no other computer literate person in the complex. You do not believe me.

Pick any ten persons at random, eight of them will not be able to browse the internet but browse they must as the www virus spreads. Where do they go? The cybercafé of course.

Most organisations, WASC, NECO. JAMB. PCE, the blue ships, government etc now do business on the internet. People are forced to visit the cafés, and the café owners are smiling to the bank.

There is one cybercafé near my house, teenagers queue to browse at N150 per hour and how much does it cost an hour?

I tell you, not much, in fact, much less than N50. Therefore, if you want to, this is the time to join the train. Some couple of PCs, connection to a network, a Lister Generator, some PC tables and a shop as office and you are on.

Your shop must be on a major road and accessible by road. If you can get yourself a place in a Polytechnic or University campus or directly in front of either, there is no way you can lose.

You just connect with any service providers and pay as you go.

It is advisable to research the performance of the different service providers in order to choose the one that performs best in your area.  One thing though, you must know computers and love computers.

With this business, you can really be rich, if you properly monitor and control it. If you are not knowledgeable enough about it, please learn.

You cannot leave a business to people when you do not know about it. The control will be nil which is tantamount to failure before you start.

MARKETING. It is self advertising. Just make sure your computers are ok and not those that take eternity to boot. Your assistants must be good at solving small problems that may arise.

CAVEAT. Do not allow pornography. Disallow internet rats to prevent

‘EFCC’ from sealing up your outfit.

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