Discover A Complete Step-By-Step Road Map For Making More Money Through Animal feeds


Discover A Complete Step-By-Step Road Map For Making More Money Through Animal Feeds

If some people are practising animal husbandry, some people must be providing the feed. In addition, I tell  you, many are making tons of money from this.

To have a slice you do not have to have millions. Some hundreds of thousands of Naira will set you off. The most important thing is to source properly and site your shop along a road that is accessible to vehicles.

Prices will be determined by the cost of the feed, freight and other overheads. At times, the big ones in the trade also influence prices to sell. Buy well to sell well. You can even do this business without a truck as some of the materials are brought to you. In some cases, you even pay after sales.

Some of the materials you stock are Palm Kernel Cake (PKC), Ground Nut

Cake  (GNC),  Maize,  Bone  meal,  Fishmeal,  Brewery  waste  and Oyster  shell.  You make different  combinations to compound for Pigs, Fowls, Cattle, Goats, and Sheep and so on. Your area will determine what to stock

Some things you may not survive without in this business are grinding and mixing machines. The good news is that local fabricators make them and are not expensive.

Prices are according to size. You will also need strong young men to move and carry the bags, that is, if you are not strong yourself. Even at that, you still need assistants. Scale, yes a scale is necessary but you can start with the cheap flat one. One thing that will quickly grow the business is to be able to give advice to farmers on their farms, especially feed substitutes and composition.

MARKETING:   This is self-advertising. With your warehouse along the road, it cannot get lost and with good service, farmers will advertise you. Please do not use business names like Rise and Shine or Ogo Oluwa Feed mill.  They  sound  very  unprofessional. Instead,  use  catchy  and refreshing business names. Something like, NOURISHING FEEDMILL for instance. Instantly, the potential customer will be attracted because he wants his feed to be nourishing. You can see, this name is relevant and easily remembered.

CAVEAT. Keep high-quality feed. Assist the farmers; your success depends on their success. Establish strong controls if you do not stay there all the time. People can be smart.

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