Driving School, Another Road To Wealth

driving school
driving school

Driving School, Another Road To Wealth

Start a driving school. It does not pay much but then you can use education to make the difference. Take it to them, at home, in the offices. Do not wait for them.Image result for driving school

More people are buying cars and many more are desirous of knowing how to drive. In most cases, those buying cars for the first time are green and would have to learn.

Ladies in particular, will need to learn from outsiders, as the husbands may not be patient enough to teach them. As said, you can pick them up at their places of work and drop them off after training.

Of course, you have to be a patient driver to be able to teach and besides you have to be at home with the rules.

Your outfit may have to be registered with the government depending on your area. This business may not make you very rich but it will fill some financial holes.

For a complete lesson, you may charge as much as N20,000 depending on which place you are.

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Getting the driving licence for your students is part of your job at a fee of course. After passing out, follow up on phone to see how they are progressing, This is called after sales service and it will surely bring you many referrals.

It is eve getting better.  FRSC needs a certificate from a driving school before they test you.

MARKETING. Brand your vehicle with your driving school name. Also, put a board on top. If you have an office of your own, have a signboard in front.

EXCELLENT  DRIVING  SCHOOL (Know how to drive in 5 hours)

This is no exaggeration, what it means is the person will be able to drive after 5 lessons of 1 hour each and many people can easily achieve that feat.

CAVEAT. Do not start a beginner on busy roads. Do not leave learners on their own, unless you are satisfied about their proficiency. The tendency is always there for learners to think they know more than they actually do. It is important to have a break pedal on your side to stop the car in case of emergency.



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