Evans, Kidnappings, Justice and Our Values

Evans kidnap
Evans kidnap

So far Evans have Confessed to the Following Kidnappings and Ransom Collections in Edo and Lagos States:  Image result for evans kidnapper

(1) Mr Mbarikatta William Uboma, kidnapped in Festac June 16 2012, Evans collected 20m Ransom.

2) Mr Paul Cole Native of Ohafia in Abia state. Kidnapped August 23rd, 2012 at Festac town 20m Ransom Paid.

3) Mr Mohammed Jamal, A Lebanese kidnapped August 19, 2012 at Ajah N17M ransom paid at Ojo Area Lagos,

4) Mr Kingsley Nwokenta, kidnapped September 19, 2012 after he left Lebanon Bar in Festac, paid N15M ransom and his black Toyota Venza was Carted away by Evans.

5) Mr Anthony Ozoanidobi kidnapped   October 10th 2012 along Marwa road Satellite town, 15m Ransom was Paid There after he was released at Apple junction, Amuwo-Odofin Lagos.

6)Mr Leo Abraham, Kidnapped August 20, 2012, 15m Ransom was paid, was released along Badagry road, Lagos.

7) Mr Ojukwu Cosmas, Sells Toyota parts at Aspanda Trade fair. Kidnapped January 21, 2016 at Festac town. $1m Ransom Paid.

  1. Mr James Uduji, Kidnapped at 7th Avenue Festac late last year. Held for 6 six weeks. Paid $1.2m Ransom.
  2. Chief Raymond Okoye – Odu- Na –Ichida. Kidnapped 2015. Paid $1M Ransom held captive for 2monthsImage result for evans kidnapper

10) Uche Okoroafor, trader at Alaba Mkt, kidnapped 2015, held captive for three months, paid $1M Ransom.

11) Elias Ukachukwu kidnapped November 2015. Paid $1M Ransom.

(12) Francis Umeh also a spare parts dealer at Aspanda. Kidnapped July 2016 at Raji Rasaki Estate. Released after $1m Ransom Was Paid.

13) Chief Vincent Obianudo Owner of Young Shall Grow Motors, Evans led his gang to kidnap him in 2013 Fortunately Police attached to Chief Vincent Opened fire and gunned down 2 Evans boys and Evans killed One the police man and escaped, Chief Vincent Sustained Bullet wounds and Survived after Several Surgeries,

14) His last Victim in Lagos is Mr Donatus Dunu, a Pharmacist and Importer of Drugs who was kidnapped on February 14, 2017 in Elupeju area of Lagos and after the sum of N150million was paid by the family to Evans he refused to release Victim and demanded for another 300m Naira But Fortunately Mr Dunu was able to escape from the Evans detention Camp in Igando on May 12, 2017.

(15) Mr Ohunyon Ernest kidnapped by Evans in Edo State November 2011. Paid ransom of #85million

16) Chief Dan Odiete kidnapped by Evans in Benin 2013, paid 61 million ransom.

17) Mr Uyi Technical, kidnapped by Evans in Benin 2013. Paid  100million ransom.

18) Mr Tom line, Kidnapped by Evans in Benin 2012. Paid  #100million ransom. Image result for evans kidnapper

19) Kings paint, Kidnapped by Evans in Benin 2010 paid ransom of #40million

20) Mr Randeki, Kidnapped by Evans in 2010. Paid ransom of #30million.

Investigation in Progress

So far in Total:

  • In Naira a sum of #668m.

  • In Dollars a sum of $6.2m


God will not change peoples condition until they change their value system

On Evans and his likes head lie several chieftaincy titles given by traditional leaders without knowing his source of income

Around him flocked several women without knowing what he does for a living

Upon his head lie several prayers made by MOG who never heard from the Holy Spirit about who he is.

This is how depraved we have become as a society

If not for his arrest, he is capable of sponsoring three governors to win next election

We all jubilate at his arrest However, we helped in his elevation

His neighbours locked up their houses and never bothered to find out who he is… Sat with him probably at Community Monthly Meetings.

The Church he attends with his family must have celebrated the “goodness”of God upon his life. Probably acknowledged him as a tither without knowing what he does for a living.

Nigeria ambassadors attended his philanthropic projects in Ghana without questioning his source of wealth.

Several characters are coming out to contest next election relying mainly on blood money and other cheat induced wealth

So what should we learn from this?

Let’s stop venerating wealth and position that are sudden

Let’s start valuing excellence that are not necessarily primed on monetary acquisition.

Let’s go back to core human value of morality in our society

If we fail to do these, we might be helping another Evans to rise to stardom

Let’s not only shine our eyes but also our brains before using our thumbs.

May God wake us up.

Dr Abideen Olaiya




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