Find Out The Act Of Making Money Through Acting


Find Out The Act Of Making Money Through Acting.

The Nigeria film industry is just starting and for a country of 150million people, that should tell you there are opportunities in there.  Opportunities abound as actors, directors, producers, scriptwriters, costume and makeup artists and even singers.


Just last week, Nigeria was rated the second largest video film producer in the world. This is contentious though, as some people feel that the rating did not take into cognizance the quality of the videos. Notwithstanding, the money is there. If you have the talent, you can be an actor or actress.


I must say that acting is more of talent than academic. We must agree too that one will be a better actor if one marries his talent with education. Many of the top earners in the industry today did not attend theatre schools. Some of them attended their first audition by chance and they were picked and given roles ahead of theatre graduates.


If you have what it takes, just introduce yourself and interest to some of the practitioners and they will tell you what to do. In Lagos, their rendezvous is the National Theatre and in Ibadan they have their office at somewhere in Yemetu.


The interesting thing is that many film axes are springing up apart from Lagos and Ibadan axis. Therefore, you do not have to come to Lagos to partake. We now have Kano axis, Jos axis, Abeokuta axis and others.  My Igbo brothers are forming their own axis too In the East so also the northerners in kano.

Like in all businesses, you need patience to get to the top. You cannot be Adebayo Salami (Oga Bello) Peter Edochie or Omotola aka Omo Sexy overnight. You have to pay your dues or “carry forerunners bags” as I like to say. If you are patient, and you put your all, the reward is worth it. Entertainment pays and pays well.

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