Why You Should Open A Fish and Chips Shop.


Fish and Chips shop will fly here even though it is of Europe origin.

You will excuse me as I am importing this straight from Europe. I have included it because I am aware potato chips are already in the country and if we have those here, nothing stops us having fish and chips outlets. Fish is already available.

I know a lady making a kill out of this business after  taking my advise.

All you need is a fryer and show glasses if you want to make it executive. Otherwise you can be frying the local way at the back and bring to serve them in the shop.

Fish and chips shop  is a market for the middle class. You must also understand that it thrives more in the night and will do even better in a place where you have high concentration of beer joints.

People drinking into empty stomachs will have it handy while still drinking or when going home as take-away.

MARKETING. Not much noise as long as you get the recipe right and your final product is tasty.

You must open in an open place where cars can pack and pick their orders. You may add chicken if your clientele want it.Image result for fish and chips

Now, please do not give your outfit a village name like rise and shine or something like that. Get exotic and enticing. Be creative, something like Domino Chips or Refreshers, the chips people.

CAVEAT. It is served fresh and hot. The only difference between fish and chips shop and the big eateries is that you only specialize in chips. Give them all the conveniences you can afford you can always transfer the cost to them.

If you live in a city and you are unemployed and you do not try fish and chips biz then may be ————– i don,t know o

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