Generator Selling Generates Money As A SME.


Generator selling generates money not even more so  now that our electricity supply is epileptic.

. You can generate money with generator sets.

Now you say what is he saying?  You only have to look at how much your legislators are going to spend on generators in 2017 to really understand what am saying.

One is that, there is no solution to electricity problem in the nearest future and two, generator selling business will continue.

I am not saying you go and open a shop. No, to compete with the established traders on this directly may not be wise. They are the masters.

But you can play safe by staying in the middle. For example, brokerage generator sale to cooperatives by connecting them to the importer.

You should get a good price this way. The members pay and the importer delivers and he gives you your cut. This is one reason generator selling is good.

More business ideas here.

No capital of yours is involved except the travelling expenses. If you sell N10, 000 Tiger generator to about 200 members and you make N500 on each one, that is N100, 000 and it could be more. This is another reason generator selling is profitable.

This business is for groups of people with fund. They may not pay at once but as soon as payment is completed, their sets are delivered to them.

generator selling
generator selling

Look, this is political era and politicians can do anything from unbelievable to ridiculous. You can talk your local government Chairman to buying generator sets for all teachers so as to encourage them to teach well and improve standard of education.

He will do it because teachers not only man the polling boots they also man the minds of the people. If he does not buy for the teachers he can buy for the chiefs and elders. On orders like this, you can easily net N1000 per set.

MARKETING. Personal contacts only.

CAVEAT. Deliver as promised and always build a safety valve for your commission. People could be smart you know.

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