Good Business Ideas From My Mom’s Funeral Rites


Good Business Ideas From My Mom’s Funeral Rites

This last weekend, 21/3/15, I did the final funeral rites for my mom, Madam Florence Olayinka Omiyale who slept in the lord on 23rd April 2014 at the age of 84 years.

By the way, it is instructive to let you know she died of cancer. I made a spirited effort to save her life and during that period, I learnt a lot about cancer, which will be a matter for another day.

We had big parties, one on Friday and the real big one on Saturday. Plenty to eat and drink, with all my friends swarming over me.

So what are the business lessons to learn from the party?

As a business consultant, I am always on the look out for business opportunities and finding some for you my readers pleases me a lot.

I am not talking about the canopy and chair rental. Neither are we going to talk of rental of spoon and plates or service boys and funeral band. A lot has been written about these and there are many people doing that.

Here we go.

Native Cloth Rental.  I wore a complete native dress which was admired by everybody. Many people confessed that they were seeing that kind of dress for the first time in funeral service. My video man who resides in my town said the same thing and confessed many people admired the dress when they saw it when he was editing the film.

If the dress was so much liked, why are people not using it for funerals?  Money. The dress doe not come cheap and you wear it only once. The dress cost 25k to make and you wear it once and that is all. It is so bogus that you cannot put it on for an ordinary party, people will stare at you.

Don’t you think that people will use this cloth if they could get it for about N5000 and how do they get it for that amount? The only way is through rental.

The business idea is to make many of these dresses and rent it out to people during social outings like funeral rites and marriages. Do not squeeze your nose. Go ahead and do some research.

This idea may not gel in all parts of the country, but it will surely fly in the west of the country.

Gift Items.  No, I am not asking you to go to the market and buy gift items for them. I am talking about customized manufactured items. There are some items you can manufacture yourself and customize them for the  celebrants. I did and it was a hit. Manufcute products like perfume, mosquito insecticide, rat killer and customize them.

The idea is to approach the celebrants in advance and agree on the prize. If he gives you order of 1000 of each, you will be in money and there are people who will really order more. Of course you take advance. You will use hia money to manufacture and the balane will be your profit.

Mobile Toilet. You can organize  mobile toilets for big parties where the celebrant is cash loaded.

Now, these are three ideas for you  which  hit me from the burial ceremony for my mama.May her soul rest in peace.



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