Handwriting Teaching Can Give You Financial Freedom.


Handwriting teaching is a special field of education that needs practitioners and done properly, will give you financial freedom.

One of the problems facing primary and secondary school education is handwriting. People will pay you to make their children handwriting beautiful and legible.

Look around you, except  children going to special schools, children hand writings are horrible. The reason is this, schools do not teach writing again. Where they do, they do not do enough of it.  This  is one reason where handwriting teaching will provide money.

I must. however tell you that you need a special skill to do handwriting teaching people how to write well. If you do not have the skill, hire someone who does.

Remember you do not need to be a doctor to set up a hospital. You yourself can train yourself through the internet and train your workers.

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You will not set up to compete with schools but to complement them. This means your handwriting teaching business will function in the evenings and weekends.

For a start, one or two rooms with tables and chairs will do. You may also need to send your workers to the students houses if they so desire, which is of course at special charges.

What you charge  for handwriting teaching depends on where and how. You must charge enough to give you profit and maintain the business;

MARKETING:  .You will need handbills and advert plates on walls and PHCN polls. Caption…




handwriting teaching
handwriting teaching

Please note that handwriting experts interpret a person’s personality from his handwriting, they do not teach handwriting.

You can also organise handwriting workshops  for private schools for their teachers to teach their pupils. I have attended one for 3000 Naira,. Attack them local government per local government where they have many schools. In less endowed ones you can combine.

CAVEAT. Deliver as promised.

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