Household Items Manufacturing Will Enrich You, See How.


Household items are many and you can manufacture many of them easily.

Jesus, there are hundreds of house  hold products you can manufacture and sell. Many of these you can do in your bathroom or backyard.

Let me tell you about manufacturing. You cannot really call yourself a very rich man if the machines are not running for you.

In buying and selling, which we call commerce, only men work for you and machines work more and faster than men do.

The day you have the machines working for you is the day you are really there.

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Dangote made millions bringing in sugar, cement and all the rest. I tell you, he did not start to make real money until he started producing, ask him, he will tell you. When you start to manufacture household product and sell, you will see the difference between mabufacturers and sellers.

The Difference

Look at it this way.

Most distributors for Nigerian Breweries are millionaires. Now, if you pull their resources from distributing  beer  together,  can  it  match  that  of  NBL?  No,  it  is  not possible; the slave cannot be richer than the master.

I have gone to all this to encourage you to focus on ending up as a producer of goods. You do not have to start with a factory like Eleganza at Oregun.

What Household items to Manufacture

Start from your backyard. You can start producing things like aftershave.  Soap,  Raticide,  Perfume,  toilet  wash,  polish,  gum,  chalk, liquid wash, ceramic cleaner and so on.

The list of household items is endless.  Go and read the story of humble beginnings of  Michelins, Guinness and Coca Cola. Anybody born into these families today is a millionaire.

Even in Nigeria, we can talk about similar families. Take Alabukun powder for instance, it has endured and Okoyas and his friend Adedoyin are painstakingly building their dynasties.

Household items You too can be like them, if you start with household items making. If you are desirous of going into manufacturer let us talk or you talk to consultants in your field of interest,

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