How Engine Sleeving And Crankshaft Turning Is Making Them Money


I am aware this business may need a couple of millions to start but I am equally aware that some graduates have parents who can start them off with two to three millions if only the parents can be convinced of the viability of the business and the seriousness of the person.

As I am writing this, to cut a car’s crankshaft in the city of Ibadan costs N3000 and to sleeve a block of Engine, you will cough out N10,000. No reduction, it is like Coca Cola, the price is fixed.

I forgot to add that bigger engines attract higher prices. Now, to think that you can cut as many as 20 shafts a day and sleeve as many as 10 blocks, anyone in this business is a potential millionaire.

As long as vehicles use shafts and people cannot abandon worn engines for new one every time they are worn out, this business will thrive. Even in Europe, they still cut shafts.

I am so sure of the money spinningpotential of this business that it will pay back the capital and interest within a year even if started with a loan.

You do not open up people’s abdomen if you have not spent years in the medical school. You cannot optimise this business if you do not know how  to  operate  the  machine.

Do  not  get  me  wrong,  you  do  not necessarily have to be the main operator but you have to know how to operate it .If you do not know the practical details, you will lose money, and  control and  management becomes  difficult, as  workers will  take advantage of you. So go and learn.

MARKETING. The  first  thing here is  that  your outfit must  do  a perfect job. People will run away if you cut shafts and they do not run well with the metals.

Your 010 must be 010, no packing or fixing after cutting. The same must apply to the engine blocks too. This done, mechanics will beat a path to your place.

You will have to be nice to the mechanics and be prepared to give them commission.

This token does not kill business rather it helps it. Before you know it, they have passed the news round.

You do not need to spend money on ads initially; all you need is contacting some established vehicle mechanics promising them their commission.

However if you find yourself in the midst of competition you may need to have some radio commercials and community newspaper where there is one.

CAVEAT. The location has to be on a road that is motorable because the shafts and blocks will be brought in vehicles. When you are starting, you must be prepared to buy an experienced hand. Two advantages, one, his expertise and two, he will bring with him some customers.

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