How Homeinconeflow.Com Is Exploiting Facebook Net Integrity To Dupe People.


How Homeinconeflow.Com Is Exploiting Facebook Net Integrity To Dupe People. claims to partner with net giant, Facebook to have created a home based money making program. All you need have, they claim is to be able to use the mouse and the program is so easy anybody can do it. They now show you testimonials of happy people who are currently using the program.

The program is free they claim and ask you to submit your credit card particulars so as to verify your age.

To make it real credible, they  post the photo of Lary King with the caption “Facebook will soon be the largest employer”. They go for the kill and tell you “ limited space available” and add a running timer to quickly push you to sign in.

Oh, I forgot, you have 3 days to opt out of the program if you are not happy with it.

If it is a Facebook program and free with 3 days guarantee, it is good enough. You slot in your credit card and the horror begins.

They almost immediately debit your card ranging fro $97 to $167. I do not know how they do this, but they charge differently. Anytime there is money in your account they debit again.

Now, on the site nothing happens. Ordinarily, you say ok, let me take it after all no knowledge is lost, but nothing works on the site. Their training video takes an eternity to play. Their live-chat link goes to a 400. Their support email will not respond and their hotline has a recorded message that asks you to hold on till Jesus comes.

It is all a scam set up by some people using smart programmers.

There is a buzz on the already on the internet and as I am writing this, the site is not accessible. This could be a trick from them only to come back and suck peoples blood and hence this write up. It could also be a clampdown

Homeincomeflow is Fraud in and out.

You may want to read this among many condemnation the outfit has received on the net.

Sooner than later the FIB will be after them. The internet should be free of these rats.

Again, any payment that is not escowed is most likely a fraud.

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