How Julius Agwu And Ali Baba Make Their Millions


How Julius Agwu And Ali Baba Make Their Millions

Ali Baba, Basket mouth and the rest are out there making cool money for making people  laugh. If you have the talent to make people laugh, this is your goldmine.

You become a friend to the mighty, making real money doing what you enjoy. I told you entertainment pays and comedy falls here. did you see how Olatilos daughter’s wedding brought the richest Africans to Lagos?

Clear, audible voice and good command of English come handy even though you can crack your jokes in broken English or the vernaculars, depending on your audience. In fact, if you are a polyglot it helps as it increases your versatility and, therefore, your market.

Your customers are legion, the government, corporate citizens and individuals.

Comedians are also utilised, as MCs. Comedians must be able to make jokes out of any issue. It, therefore, requires spontaneous reactions to issues in a way that will make your listeners laugh. This shows you that it is  not  a  job  for  dullards.

You  must  have  a  high  degree  of  cerebral capacity, which you call upon to make witty comments on issues. It is more of talent than learning because a story made funny by a natural comedian will be flat when relayed by a non-talented person.

Of course, with the talent, you can improve yourself by learning. This  includes watching the masters live or on CDs. The www (internet) is, of course, a veritable source of materials for comedians and indeed all professions.


MARKETING. It is principally by contacts and press. If you are in the good books of the entertainment writers in the papers, they will hype you to your millions.


CAVEAT. Be original and have a unique style. When you get a chance, seize it.

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Jide Omiyale


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