How Mini Film Houses Make Money For Them


We are not talking here of standard film house as the Sliverbirds. Rather, we are talking about those small film houses where local films are shown for small fees, depending on the locality.

Every Monday, the film producers release films in large numbers, so much, that you cannot keep up. Not to miss out, the young ones go to these film houses to watch the current films. Either you rent a big hall or you make a wooden structure and benches.

Buy a big TV and a CD, have connection with a video club to lend you films. The best is to have a Video shop of your own so that you can pick the films, as you need them. The video club will be another source of income too.

Because of the electricity situation, you will need a generator. You will need to join their association in your locality, as there is a way this association  settles  the  copyright  problem  with  the  actors  and  the producers, otherwise the police will trouble you. Location is very important.

It will not work in the cities unless in the slums or where young children are, especially those not going to school. Places like spare parts market like Owode in Lagos.

MARKETING. With current films, the boys will spread the news

CAVEAT:  Do not allow drugs and cannabis.

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