How Professionals Dump Their Certificates And Make Loads of Money From Cakes.


Yes, professionals dump their degrees to make cakes of fortune.

On a daily basis, people, both young and old celebrate birthdays and consummate marriages. On both occasions, cakes are specially made and it is increasingly being made in special ways.

In addition, corporate citizens have one thing or the other to do which involves the need for cake. Ask Mojisola Egbeyemi who abandoned the wig to start cake business, she will tell you how sweet the business is.

Anything you desire with passion will surely earn you money. Cake business has become an art not meant for everybody. If you can acquire the skill and make special cakes for these special occasions, you can make very good for yourself. Happily enough, the materials are readily available, what will distinguish you is your creativity.

The other day, I attended a marriage ceremony, which had a special cake and the cake maker had to explain the significance of the cake. According to her, the green color represented the profession of the husband, which is agriculture.

She also had some other things for the wife and so on. I was impressed and wished the cake were not eaten. You can be sure the cake did not cost peanuts.

Because it is creativity being paid for here, the price may not vary directly as the price of the materials used, however you must price in a way to cover all your costs.

One good thing in this business is that you are paid in advance but this should not encourage you to do a shoddy job. If you get to make the cake for the birthday of an octogenarian with rich children and you are creative, you can be sure of smiling to the bank.

MARKETING. You will need a cute business card to hand out to people during parties. Do not miss the opportunity of advertising yourself through the MC in any party you happen to have made the cake. Also, use church societies to propagate your business.

I do not have to tell you to be friendly with unmarried people and those who may need cakes to be made. For a start, you may be working from home but ultimately you will need befitting office.

CAVEAT. Agree on ideas before the cake is made and make sure you

get the final nod of your principal before supply and please do supply to

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Otunba Jide Omiyale(MBA,FCIM)


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