How Showing European Football Matches Can Take You To The Top


Some months back, I was in my country home with friends. But I had a little problem–where to watch the next days match between Arsenal and Liverpool. I did not have to bother, said a 9-year-old friend, as there was a football house in town

At quarter to one on that Saturday, the hall was filled up. Although I did not count, there was no way we could have been less than 100 heads. At N50 per head, that was a cool N5000 for the operator and businesses do not come better than that.

All over the country, people are raking in money showing the premier league and the joy is that the matches are so fixed that you have matches to show through out the year.

That is when you add the European cup and countries internationals. You only need a couple of TVs, a cable subscription, some wooden benches and a N10,000 generator set and you are on.

If you do not have a place, get a bold-off made of wood on an unused plot of land or use a big room in the school close to you.

This may not make you a  millionaire but it  can easily fetch you about N50,000 a month. If you replicate it in about three places, then you are talking of good money.

This doe not make you a Dangote but it definitely takes you off the road and you can be in big money if you clone it all over the place.

What I notice is that even people with cable in their houses do come to pay and watch because of the football atmosphere they get with the crowd. For example, last Sunday, at least three cable owners, including myself, watched Liverpool and Chelsea in our local football house.

That Sunday, we were more than a hundred. I am sure if another one springs up, both will still make handsome profit.

You know what, the person running  the  place  also  has  a  paid  job  and  many  jobless  ones  came shouting themselves horse.

Do not tell me they cannot afford it because fathers who could fund such projects ten times over sire many of them. Talk of resourcefulness.

You can add football gaming machine for the young ones to pay and play

Start with one each of PS1 and PS 2.

MARKETING. Do not bother yourself, football is self-advertising. Let the environment be clean with comfortable benches with big posters of the big four-Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea, Add Barcelona and Madrid, it does not hurt. If you set this up for elites, you can use plastic chairs and even air conditioner. They will pay for it.

CAVEAT. Strictly, no smoking. Standby generator must be ok. As soon as PHCN do their thing, start your generator set. Do not open the game room during school hours; otherwise the police will visit you. If you have to open, please ensure that school children are not allowed

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