How The Banks Are Raping Us Silly. Part 1

bank service charges
bank service charges

I once wrote an article here on how you cann make a living by doing bank reconciliation. Its here. How to make tons of money auditing banks without being an accountant or a tax consultant.

Our banks are fraud personified and we allow them to get away with blue murder, because we do not ask questions. Those to help us prefer to look the other way.

Banks rape us, electricity companies scam us, net-work providers milk us dry. Who is going to free  us from this economic slavery.

Today, we start a series on the banks rape of the commoners with this article sent to me, written by Dr, Olufumilayo.

I have lived in UK a few years now and NEVER has my bank ever charged me one penny for bank transfer. NEVER. NOT ONCE.

I have lived in UK a few years now and NEVER has my bank ever charged me one penny for bank transfer. NEVER. NOT ONCE.

I’m sorry, but that 52 naira 50kobo that Nigerian banks deduct per transaction, what exactly is it for?
Why is no one speaking out against this blatant fraud?
 Bank ATM
Next is the fraudulent “Card Maintenance Fees” by our Nigerian banks. Please how are you maintaining a card that lives in my wallet?
I have about 3-4 UK Bank Cards here. Both credit cards and debit cards.I have NEVER paid any such thing as a “Card Maintenance Fee”. NEVER EVER.
The Nigerian Banking Sector is an unfortunately over-bloated industry that thrives on systemically entrenched policies that terribly defraud us Nigerians and lives on cheating the average citizen of the hard-earned money that is entrusted in their care to help save and invest.
Bank ATM
You want to send money to someone from your Nigerian bank account and you first have to plan an extra 52Naira,  50kobo.
Money that is electronically sent from one Nigerian bank account to another Nigerian bank account.
What exactly is the charges for? Why is this fraud tolerated?
Someone said the charges goes to NIPOST. I want to believe it is mere trolling as it makes absolutely no sense.
Please, How is Nipost involved in an ELECTRONIC money transfer?
Did I put the money in an envelope and post it? Or what?
We deserve better. This is systemic cruelty.
When I applied for ATM Cards in UK (both debit and credit), I was NEVER charged a penny. The card is given free.
And “maintenance”, if there’s any such thing, is done free.
IF we never get the chance to see how things happen in other places, we won’t know we are being cheated.
When I applied for an ATM Card in Nigeria, I was charged 1,000 Naira to have one.
And I’m being charged some extra regularly in the pretence of an imaginary “Card Maintenance Fees”.
This is systemic corruption and a fundamental banking fraud aimed at impoverishing us Nigerians.
bank fraud
bank fraud

Let’s do a little maths, dear friends.

According to NIBSS, as at December 2017, there was almost 65,000 daily Electronic Fund Transfers in 2017.
At 52.50 naira per transaction, that’s over 3 million naira a day. And about 1 billion naira a year.
Should this fraud continue? Please share it to others…
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