How To Be A Brain Box Engineer.


How To Be A Brain Box Engineer.

New cars these days have what is called brain boxes and they are expensive to replace. However, what many motorists do not know is that they are repairable. The mechanics collect huge money from you and repair the old one.


This biz came to my knowledge by chance when I was researching this book and I took the chance. The interesting thing about it is that it is simple to repair.

All you need is a meter to read the connections on the board inside the box, as there is nothing inside the box more than electronic board. A sound radio technician should be able to repair it easily and quicker than those repairing it now.


Unfortunately, the radio repairers do not know a thing about this. For sure, electronics and physics graduates should not find this difficult.


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Get friendly with a radio mechanic and practise with a damaged brain box and you are there. Do not tell me it is impossible. Japan today bosses the

whole world in electronics, which they copied from UK by using the same system. Carpenters open up whole upholstery set to copy.   Now, having done that, polish it up with education.


Good and neat workshop, with all workers in overall. Make it look big and people will accept it so. You now visit mechanics and vehicle electrical technicians (rewires) telling them about your set up. Give referrals a cut of the money you make and before you know it; you have more than you can cope with.


MARKETING A fine quality biz card is necessary. Personal contacts with car electrical technicians and mechanics supported with good performance are all you need with your signboard of course. You may take sometime on the air to promote yourself as new arrival and one in town. What is you business name? Let it sound like this.



( Japan Trained Brain Box Engineers.)



CAVEAT. Never  repair in the presence of customers. If you do, you undervalue your work and expose the secret. If they did not do it in my presence, I would not have known how easy it is to repair and you would not be reading this.

Some people claim they do not repair brain boxes. Fallacy. Just last week, I repaired mine with 2500 and it is working fine. It did not take the man 30 minutes inside a room.

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