How To make money Distributing Engine Oil


You say what, I say Engine oil retailing or bulk-breaking. I know of more than ten young Turks in Ibadan here under 35 years in this business living in their own houses.

You only need to site in good location like garages and busy bus stops. Do not tell me the spaces are taken up, look hard you will get or squeeze yourself into a place.

For retailing, the association will give you the measures, which you have to pay for, in addition to the registration fees. In addition, you will have to get a drum or two.

Since the commercial drivers are your main customers, I do not have to tell you to be nice to them.

If you are close to them, their officials will find a place for you inside the park. The joy is that you do not need much capital to start.

The bulking is where the big money is. The retailers will come to buy from you to break bulk. For this, you need more money, as you will now have to get a tank and get engine oil in large quantity. I must add that from experience and research, a good number of the engine oil sold by these people is substandard.

This arises from the preparations as some of their producers cut corner to make more profit. As the drivers cannot decipher the difference, producing a better quality at higher price will put you in a difficult competitive position. So play along.

MARKETING. Open at  bus stops and  parks  and  the  drivers will come, Get the best quality available to sell and be nice to your customers.

CAVEAT. Do not remix as some people do. With time, your customers will know and desert you. The drivers can even beat you up.

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