How To Make Money From Beer Distribution


How To Make Money From Beer Distribution

This business will serve the beer parlors and the public, especially when they are throwing parties. It is equally lucrative, but you will need a vehicle. You are a distributor while the beer joint man is a retailer.

Immediately, it should occur to you that you will need more money to do this one.  You will need a shop for a start and empty bottles, except you are a major distributor. In that wise, you must have paid for the bottles as part of distribution fee.

Attach yourself to a major distributor, buy from them and distribute.  The idea is  that  you  already have  beer  joint customers and as you ply their route you honk to them and they buy, as they need. Most times you come back to collect money when they have made sales.

This is not to say that some will not be coming to your shops to buy. At times, your customer may book on the phone. In this business, there is not much margin but you can make a very decent living and it can even make you very rich.

Unlike the retailer, the cash you handle daily is larger and a small percentage of large is large. Currently, you make like N50 on a carton, If

you sell 100 in a day and deduct the cost of fuel and servicing of the vehicle, you are still left with a tidy amount. Do not be discouraged if you do not have a vehicle.

Just position your shop in such a way as to be surrounded by many beer joints, where they will not need to board the vehicle to reach you, everybody is trying to cut cost you know.

An example of such place is motor park such as Ojota in Lagos or Iwo Road in Ibadan. Apart from beer sellers, you may also supply those having parties. Since you have a vehicle, you just drop the stock. Do not forget to charge for transportation, though.

MARKETING. In the beginning, move around to tell existing beer joints about your set  up. As soon as  a  new one springs up  in  your territory, pay him a visit. Your business depends on their success, so help them to succeed. I do not need to tell you that the shop must be where vehicles can easily load and offload

CAVEAT. Watch the credit sales. If he does not pay for yesterday’s purchase, no dice. Be careful how you handle money. Remember people know you are handling a large amount of money and when.

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