How To Make Money From Rubbish


This is “big” grammar for rubbish clearing. Jokes apart, there is more than 1000millon kilogram of rubbish in Ibadan city alone and as far as I can see, the government   is not bothered except the occasional removal of trash on the roads.

In any case, which government in Nigeria collects rubbish from door to door as done in Europe? As people cannot live with stench   emanating   from   the   rubbish,   and   they   cannot   remove   it themselves, those involved in removing them have to be well paid. In this city, I know young men doing very well for themselves in this business.

To start, you do not need more than the operational fund for a month. This includes the cost of hiring trucks (tippers) and the cost of labour. Usually, your customers pay at  the end  of the  month. You are paid according to the number of drums carried.

You pay the tipper per trip and the labour on daily basis. Of course, you will have to provide your labour with overalls (preferably white) gloves and boots. This will add class to your set- up and earn you more respect. You may also need to provide black polythene bags for your customers to pre pack the refuse. It makes your job easier as your men will just be throwing the bags into the truck.

Alternatively or in addition, you provide drums. Your customer pays for both and you make some cuts. All this job involves is picking up the refuse, dump in the truck and tip off at government-designated sites. In Ibadan, you may have to register with the government.

Prices differ from town to town. Find out what is operating in your area if you are interested. Almost everybody, every building is your potential customer. You however must understand some people cannot afford to pay, so do not waste your time with them. Strike your deals in estates, well-developed area, and not slums.

Watch  out,  some  valuables may be  in  the  trash, it  is  yours or  your assistants to convert to money. Remember some people make a living retrieving things from rubbish heaps.   You will do well to add sewage tank clearing with this business, they complement one another and it is profitable.

MARKETING:   Print cute flyers, distribute in houses and follow up with personal visits. Liaise with environmental inspectors, they will recommend you to people and organizations. Present your organisation as a professional set up and behave it. Your business card and fliers may look like this.

CLEAN UP (Environmental Engineers)

We evacuate trash and rubbish from your environment at reasonable cost.

Phone no and address.

CAVEAT: Clean properly and do not leave bits and bits here and there. Cover the truck and do not litter the road as you move the refuse. It is unfair to suffocate people with the stench of compose they were not responsible for

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