How To Make Ten Thousand Naira A Day From Pigs

Make Money From Pig


How To Make Ten Thousand Naira  A Day From Pigs

You can easily make Ten Thousand Naira a day, yes 10k from pigs.

I know piggery is very lucrative, but it takes a lot of money to start. You have to erect the pens, do a diamond hard German floor, buy the piglets, feed them for at least 6 months before you expect returns.

But here is an idea you can start today and start making money today.

You start selling fried pork meat at busy junctions. Please go and read “The Friendship Of Rice And Fuel Stations”

You know, each time I pass through a busy junction, I ask myself what can one do and make money from these people? It was one of those question and answer series that this idea flashed through my mind.

Get somebody fry pork and sell in the evenings.

I later recollected that I have seen it at Agric bus stop, Ikorodu in Lagos state. Then, if the lady started with  pieces of pork as high as  mount Everest at 7pam, by 9 pm the mountain had leveled up.

Does this happen in Ibadan? I had to drive out and see for myself. So I picked up my keys yester evening and alas, Ibadan people eat pork. They have some points, but I still found some places without pork seller. And in your own case you can package it better because the two I saw were selling in trays.

I still found out a lot of junctions, very busy ones like Alakia junction with none. This evening I will try Iwo Road roundabout.

You too can go out and survey your neighborhood and if you find any busy junction without this biz, you start off straight. No excuse to be idle.

What do you need?

A couple of thousands of Naira.

A show case made of glass and aluminum. (Use a tray for now if you do not have money for the showcase)

Image result for pigs

Light it up in the nigh

A stool to put the case on

A fork

And nylon for take away.

You are done.

Source your pork from your local market. In Ibadan here, you get pork meat cheap at Bodija market.

The ROI is very impressive. At about 140 naira per kilogram if you cut @ N50 per piece, you can make more than N500 from a kilogram.

With this easy business, you can easily make 2k a night in a busy place and you can duplicate this in 5 places and make 10k a day.

It is not hard at all and if you have left over you refry and sell the following day.

pork from pig

Do not people fool you, they eat pork. Go and watch where they sell fried pork and see how they come for it. Some people will buy and eat with drinks, some for soup and some just straight eating.

Pigs are naturally neat animals if domesticated. They run in to mud when the fat under their skin heats the up so as to cool off. If kept under a roof and sprayed with water regularly, pigs are neat animals. They will never urinate where they eat their food. For benefits of pork meat, go read this.

CAVEAT. You may not be able to do this in the north or a Muslim dominated place. Anywhere south of Niger will take this.

I am not saying you should do this forever, but why not if you scale it up and modernize it. Alternatively, save your money and change business.

It is Igbo boys model. Use it


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