How To Make Tons Of Money From Barbecue (Suya) And Turn It To Your Own Oil Block.


How To Make Tons Of Money From Barbecue (Suya) And Turn It To Your Own Oil Block.

During the course of researching this site, some friends and I were somewhere in Mokola area in Ibadan.
We felt like supporting our drinks with Suya and the lot fell on me to get it from nearby Sabo.
I ordered for N1000 portion but as this was being wrapped; two guys arrived and ordered for N3000 worth.
Apparently they were sent by their friends as the lot fell on me in my own group.
As they were being attended to, other customers arrived. Within a spell of about twenty minutes, these guys have grossed about N10,000.
I said wao, so these uneducated guys are literally printing money here. Immediately I made up my mind to work further on this.
Result Of Research Some days later , I was at Gas junction on the way to Akobo in the same Ibadan to study the suya man there. What I saw was a replica of Sabo experience.

Verdict: Suya joint in the right place is a cash cow.
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I am aware that a Southerner may not be able to make suya as the northerners but the Ondos have what they call Asun which the southerners can learn.
They use female native goats for this and it is very tasty when done properly.
As I am writing, I am not aware of a place where this is done in Ibadan and I move round a bit.
Now, if we have a graduate operating suya spot in each state capital, that will be 36 graduates off the road and I am sure they will employ another 36 assistants for a star

MARKETING. No need for advert as long as you set shop in a conspicuous place.If your roasted meat is sweet people will beat a path to your place.
The two guys I referred to above came from Oke-Ado a distance of about 4 kilometers if not more.
Learn the trade and get your own special recipe to give you a unique taste and could be the beginning of a take away chain that can spread over the globe.
Now add class to make you different and unique.
Let the place be well lit, introduce music and have some chairs for your customers. Show off your education to your customers when the opportunity presents itself, they will respect you the more.
CAVEAT High level of hygiene is necessary. Slaughter healthy animals and do not buy animals the source of which you do not know so as not to buy stolen goats.
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