How To Make up To #10,000 A Day From Car Wash


How To Make up To #10,000 A Day From Car Wash

Along Akobo road in Ibadan here, is a car wash charging N300 per car. I know because I washed there before. Besides, for the purpose of this essay I have studied them.
What You Get.
Now, what does it take you to start one like that? If they wash 30 cars a day, that works out at N9000. Nine thousand naira a day is real money and your raw material is water, which is almost free. In some cities, people will gladly pay more.

Alhaji Dangote
Alhaji Dangote

Aliko Dangote, Richest African Started Small

Do not lose money; know your market inside out. I was told of where they charge N700 to wash a car.
The secret of this business is that you have to site your outfit along a road trafficked by those in B and A economic class. These people can pay the charges.

Study your area properly, there must be one or two places you can site your own. If the place has not gotten a stream, or you cannot connect with government water supply which is not reliable anyway, dig a well. Water for washing does not need NAFDAC approval
After this, get a water pump, some meters of hose, a couple of buckets, some washing towels and you are on. I must add that if you want the caliber of customers to take you higher in the economic ladder, you have to add class.

Rich people do not spend their money with people outside their class.You may not believe me, but that is the truth. Ask Benz and big cars mechanics, they do not share garages with bus artisans because rich men will not come there.
Wash the cars sparklingly clean. Go the extra mile to please your customers.
If your customer brings his child, make sure the child drinks a bottle of mineral even if the dad declines your offer. Next car wash the child will drag his father there. Kids and women have a lot of influence on their man.
If you have the means, you may add drinks while they are waiting for their cars to be washed. It does not spoil anything. One thing, since you are dealing with elites, two dailies will increase your value.

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Pamper Them
Even if you are not quick enough to wash their cars, paper, music, TV and drink will keep them busy.
I do not have to tell you that you need to add hot water to wash the engines for extra income. It is called steaming and there are machines built for this. This will come when you are financially strong.

At the beginning, make do with ordinary water. You will also need to add waxing of the car on request for more income.
I cannot overemphasize this, in business, especially this type, there are three things, which differentiate you from others. Class, Class and Class.

imagesRsaq Okoya, Eleganza Boss Started with Wrist Watches
Your service will advertise itself as you are already on a major road. Even a blind man driving cannot miss a car wash. Clean well and that is all. Add extras like waxing of the body for extra income and little vehicle maintenance advice free.
Many new car owners do not know a thing about cars and so your advice will come handy. I have seen a car owner who did not know where to put water in the car. Yes, I have

car washIf you are on the express roads like Ibadan /Ife road, you can take advert on the radio. Those traveling will stop to wash and relax.
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