How To Stike It Rich Through Advertisement


How To Stike It Rich Through Advertisement

I was going to title this advertising agency, but I thought I would rather not limit it to agency alone. This is because; it has the inbuilt danger of limiting and narrowing the possibilities in the advertising business.


Understand from the beginning that there are tons of money in advertising. I mean adverts on Radio and TV, on Cars and Lorries, on billboards, on house walls, on PHCN polls and so on.


There is a new fad in town now to launch new products or to awaken awareness.  Boys and girls with branded  shirts dance  on  and  around Lorries mounted with speakers blaring latest music in town. Around and not far from the Lorries, others introduce or hawk the product.


Marketing professionals will call it sales promotion. Do not mind them, that is for passing the examinations. To me it is all publicity and it is advertising.


Now, some people are organizing this and I have seen the big companies using them. You can spice this up by adding acrobatic dancers. The boys and girls are paid daily and you do not have to own the lorry and musical instruments, you hire them. In essence, your mobilization fee can take care of the expenses.


Another source of money in advertising is to register with media houses as an agent. If you register with broadcasting stations as an agent, you will have some commissions given to you for adverts you bring to them. Now if you register with the government to consult on billboards or vehicles and overhead boards and banners you are on.


As I am writing, I am not sure billboards are thus controlled in Ekiti state. Surely, nobody is doing cabs advert in Ado Ekiti or even in Lagos. All those adverts on BRT buses can be replicated on the cabs. I am sure the situation is similar in other state capitals, so what are you waiting for. Explore the field of advertising and reap bountifully.


To move fast in this business, it won’t hurt to know one or two things about printing. The politicians and churches do a lot of advertisement in form of banners and hand-bills. Happily enough learning printing is not as tedious as it used to be as technology has taken over most of the functions hitherto done with hands.  Therefore productions are quicker and better. Somewhere in this site I will take my readers through printing business.


Printing in itself  can make you, millions if done properly. I handle the funeral pamphlet of my mommy myself and saved 50,000 from the bill given me by a brother.

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