How To Use Radios And TV To Rake In Millions And Become A Celebrety.


Who says you cannot make millions and become a celebrity like the late Yinka Craig, Olatilo and the likes? It is damn easy, just read to the end of this article.

With due respect, many of these people owning private programs on
Radios are not graduates. If they are doing well for themselves as they
are doing without higher education, how will those with degrees fare>

And you know what, believe me, it does not take much. You just have to
know how to talk and many people can talk.

Take some tutelage from established broadcasters to show you the ropes.

The joy is that as soon as you buy the time, usually for 13 weeks for a
Start, by the time you are half way, you will be getting advertisers to pay
You for advertising their products. That is, if the program is interesting.

Some of the big ones charge as much as 20K for five minutes
Airtime and how much do you believe that they pay for a minute? Little, very
little. They can charge as much because their programmes have large
Number of listeners. With persistence, you will be there. Numerous stations are springing up and so there is no problem getting slots.
You can begin with a new station if the old ones are expensive.

I know a person who started with Orisun radio station at Ile Ife because he could
not afford those at Ibadan. Now he holds programmes in both cities.

Strive to be original or you simulate a successful program of a station
and air your own on another band but with a different title.

There are various angles not yet exploited by the current practitioners. You will have
to look at it differently and fashion out a new angle to it all.

For example, they are all giving riddles that are sometimes trite and stale
telling fiction as true stories. Nothing bad because listeners are enjoying
it. Bisi Olatilo reports celebrities’ parties on the screen why cann’t
somebody start one on radio life as you do football commentary.

There are no more quizzes on air, which used to enjoy wide acceptance those
days. Why is nobody doing it? Why don’t you sell the idea of quiz
Competition among secondary schools in your senatorial district to your

There is no program criticizing these ailing agencies such as
Water Corporation, PHCN and others.
There is not any limit to advertisers if your program is ok. You may even
have organizations sponsoring the program.

Politicians, churches, schools, traders, Pure Water businesses, manufacturing concerns, the list is e endless. When you are well recognized, broadcasting will open more streams of money for you. You will be hired as MC for both private and
Government and corporate parties. Besides, you can voice adverts jingles,
Which may be in the tens of thousands? On top of it all, you will be a celebrity.
It does not come better than that, does it?

MARKETING. Initially your radio station will announce your arrival.
You may lean on established broadcasters to pull you up. From that
moment, you are on your own. If the program is good, it will advertise

CAVEAT. Please do not make claims that are not true in the adverts
You run. If you do, it will destroy your programme and credibility. Vet
thoroughly the claims of adverts brought to you. There are fraudsters out
they’re ready to sacrifice your credibility for their pecuniary interest.

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