How To Write Yourself To Fame And Fortune


How To Write Yourself To Fame And Fortune

Look, there are tons of money to be made in writing. It had always been like that and it will continue.
You do not have to be a communication graduate, however some training in writing will help. Take one online.You can start and learn in the process. In a storm, pray to God but row to shore.
What we are saying is that you do not have to be a Reuben Abatti of the Guardian or an Akinlotan, the Palladium of The Nation or even Sam Omatseye of the same newspaper. As long as your readers get the message in correct grammar, you are on. That is communication, simple. Sunny Ojeagbese has built a communication empire writing simple English.


Sunny Ojeagbese Story
He is the boss of Complete Sports and Success Digest Extra and more. This is a business he started with just N6,500 twenty-five years ago.
Four thousand of this from the sale of his cameras and N2500 from his mentor. Today, he sits atop an empire that dashes brand new cars away in prizes. You can replicate that but if you ask him he will tell you., you not only have to be committed to your goal, you also have to persevere, be persistent, radiate love among other qualities that are common with any genuinely successful people
You ask me what to write on? I will tell you because that is the essence of this book. Let us go.


. Niyi Joseph finished at UI and has never worked for anybody but himself. Today there is hardly any private school in Ibadan where his books are not read. He may not be an Otedola yet, but he is making a decent living writing story books and poems for these schools. All publishers of repute around here respect him.
What stops you from doing the same in your state and even all over the country? The thing about this is that you do not need big grammar. Simple and correct English telling a story that teaches moral will do. Please do not tell me there are a lot already on the field because if you think like that you have lost the battle before you start. Remember the world itself is about competition. Write a good one and market it well..


2, SPEECH WRITING.Believe me, the speakers do not write some of those speeches you hear on the floors of the assemblies. Anyway, it has to be like that because many of them are not academically qualified to be there and hear they must be heard.These people will pay you to write moving speeches for them on topical issues. Think about a topic that interests Nigerians and consult them.
Look, what do you expect a Modern Three certificate holder to say on the floor at Abuja if he does not have a consultant like you. I know because I have had an offer like that. Therefore, if you can write a good speech, in this political era, you can make a kill.
It will be easier if you are a member of the party the person belongs. Now, do not get me wrong, even the president has speechwriters. That means you can even write for educated politicians if you are so gifted.
. If you have the talent to write plots, you can make a decent living by writing scripts for our fledging film industry.You do not have to be as good as Hadley Chase or Professor Akinwunmi Ishola to write a good script.
Those are at the very top and there is enough room in the middle. I must warn that, you must be more than average to get good value for your work. Write a good script, take it to them and you will be handsomely rewarded. Be careful, very careful, people may steal your idea. Dogs eat dogs you know.
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Trained Minds
Trained Minds

. A continuity man is the secretary of film locations and sets. You take record of the proceedings to assist the Director. For this, you need a lot of concentration, as your job will be to provide the missing links from your records. Do it properly and you will be rewarded.
5. NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST. You say not possible and I say it is possible. Introduce a new angle and you are there. I give you an example. The students section in The Nation is a soaring success but tertiary education had been with us since the forties. What are others looking at?There are three laws in making money. Creativity, creativity and creativity. During the glorious days of Daily Times, there was this column called Wakaabout in their Lagos Weekend written in adulterated English. The column had a very wide readership
I may be wrong but I do not think any newspaper is doing that now. You see, it is not even in Queens English and people loved it. Give the editor a refreshingly different angle and you have a column.
6, PAMPHLETS.Have you ever bought pamphlets like common errors in English or the quotes of great men? If you have not, I have and you know, in most case I bought out of impulse not necessary out of need. Most little value purchases like this, the marketers will tell you are made out of impulse. You can join them and make your own cut.Think about a different angle
. Ok, you do not have any, what of writing on the laws of football. Several times people argue on referee’s decision in the premier league out of ignorance. Write out the laws for them and the arguments will abate. I have given you an example think hard you will get more.
7. SPECIAL JOURNAL.Tell me, who is writing on Agric and under this you have fishery, piggery, poultry and so on . What of health, if there are, they are not enough. Education is also there and a host of others. Look, any serious person is looking for knowledge, provide it rightly and you are there.You could stat with free copies as advertisement will defray part of the initial cost. Ask Obazu Ojeagbese, he will tell you, he went back home with many unsold copies those early days but today his Complete Sports is next to The Punch in circulation. Commitment and perseverance are the words.
8.WRITING OUT POPULAR SONGS. As I am writing this, there is a Bob Marley CD playing on my Lap top. You won’t believe it if I tell you the songs are almost all wrongly titled. Stop the train is titled Love light shinning and wait for this, Stir it Up is titled Cheer Up and yet I bought. Now people will pay you if you correctly write out Marley’s songs and even Marvin Gay’s in a pamphlet. If nobody else buys, I will.
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9.COOKERY.Are you good with food recipes? Even if you are not, you can learn and sell your Knowledge. All you are reading here I researched. I did not bring them from my mother’s womb. Yorubas want to know about Igbo food and the Hausa lady married to a Yoruba man wants to know about Yoruba food. Who says continental dishes will not appeal.?

10.TEXT BOOKS.You say there are enough textbooks and I say not enough. When A1 English came out, there were more than many English texts on the stands and the author, Ashade made his money and he is still making it.The book is still selling today because it is good , damn good. It is selling in as far a place as China. I, for one, have bought three copies and I am going to buy another one tomorrow for a friend’s son I am mentoring. Four copies in one family alone.
Ashade does not hold a doctorate, the secret is that he approached English Language problem for SSC students from a refreshingly different angle. I hope the guy writes on English for managers because many managers need such book. I know, because I have been among manages and I can tell you some are very deficient in English Language.
We are expecting yours on Chemistry, Biology, Economics and others. I do not know who Woods is but I know all Accounting students read his books. Give us one evergreen like that and you are made.
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