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Kemi Olunloyo’s masquerade is out.In Yoruba culture, we believe that masquerades come from heaven and that they are not human beings.

That is why they cover their faces, so that even if the person inside the masquerade regalia is your father, you pretend you do not know him. As far as you know, the masquerade is ara orun {entity from heaven}

Now, masquerades have power, we believe, and they can use their whip to flog and whip anybody within reach.

But with all these powers, the masquerade knows there are some people he dare not touch with his whip.

He dares not whip a senior masquerade who is for the moment a human being because he is not in their regalia, he does not harass the moriwos (people in their masquerade fraternity, and won’t whip a babalawo and of course he has to bend down in abeyance to  the Alaagba  who is the head of the moriwos.

Please forgive me this preamble, because without it, non-Yorubas will lose the thrust of this essay

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kemi Olunloyo

Let us continue.

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Usually, the masquerade is accompanied by drummers who guide him. The leading drummer tells him who to whip and who not.

Sometimes the masquerade is intoxicated with the temporal power and wants to whip an untouchable person and sometimes this may be out of ignorance, perhaps he does not know the entity.

The leading drummer warns him and halts him. The drum goes, die, die mase, maje,ki seran jije.(softly, softly don’t do it, that meat is forbidden).

The masquerade stops, turns back and continues his dancing but should he go ahead and flog such a person that could very well put an end to his outing.

During  Kemi Olunloyo’s outing, her masquerade flogged everybody at sight, moriwo, babalawo, senior masquerades, oluwo and even the Alagbaa.

That is why there is no masquerade to help her in predicament. Kemi lambasted top clergymen, thrashed ace comedians, libeled top theater practitioners, locked up her Father, as she used her brush  to tar almost anybody at sight.

This is the reason nobody is lifting a finger to help her. The little that is coming inform of support is to beg the offended man of God.

Kemi Olunloyo, 52 years, licensed pharmacist, qualified Journalist, ace face-book user and top twitter commentator has spent more than 14 days in custody and almost nobody is saying anything.

Seems the attitude of most is to let her cook in her own stew. One is tempted to ask, where is NUJ, where are the other bloggers, where are the plethora of human rights NGO.

Where are the Nigerian women to fight for one of their own? They all kept mute because Kemi, when in masquerade regalia, whipped them all.

I knew it would end like this. When you break all the commandments in the holly book, you are bound to end in perdition.

A child who is bold enough to rough handle her father and lock him up should not expect a life devoid of problems. Those who desecrate the shrine cannot expect the benevolence of the Gods.

When you offend all your friends, you will dance alone in your party which is what we are seeing here.

I can never imagine the very vocal and vibrant Nigerian press keeping silent when a person who is not yet convicted by a competent court is being paraded in prison uniform. This is sending somebody to Coventry at the highest level.

But what do you expect? The journalists who should help are either attending Redeem church of Christ or Winners Chapel whose leaders Kemi’s masquerade had flogged. They and their friend s will dare not help her. I will not be surprised if many are praying the Former Governor’s daughter rots there.

Agreed, some Christian leaders do not deserve the respect we accord them, but even atheists and non believers will give Baba Adeboye full respect.

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kemi Olunloyo

A very humble man of God, not used to frivolity the nearest I have seen to Jesus in meekness and humility, not for him 250,000Naira dress. He is at home  with his simple Ankara and even his teachings are so simple and humble devoid of the shouts and screamings.

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Now for anybody to talk evil of this man and attack him in the press is to ask for the wrath of God and humans.

This is the lesson is all this. No freedom is completely free. When the leading drum is getting too loud, it is about to burst. The deeds of past years can come to hurt you.

When Kemis masquerade was flogging these respected and respectable men of God, She was enjoying the publicity but she forgot the Yoruba adage. Omode bu Iroko, on boju wehin, ojo ti a bu oluwere  ko loluwere  npani.  (The child abuses the Iroko tree and looks back, Iroko won’t fight back that same day)

Kemi’s  masquerade went out without the drummers, perhaps they would have warned her, die, die, mase, maje, ki seran jije. {softly, softly, don’t do it, that meat is forbidden).

Comeuppance has come for Kemi, the Irokos are fighting back, but all the same, we appeal to all who have a hand in her trauma to temper justice with mercy. Ko ni se be e mo.