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  • Lagos Gubernatorial Election—Yoruba E Funra

    Lagos Gubernatorial Election—Yoruba E Funra

    Let us get this straight. The Saturday gubernatorial and state assembly elections in Lagos are not between APC and PDP. Neither are they between Jimmy Agbaje and Sanwo-Olu. It’s much deeper. It’s a tribal war. Its between Yorubas and Igbos and the Yorubas need to be very careful. This handshake is getting beyond the elbow.

    The Agbajes, the Afikuyomis and the rest in this boat of instigating the Igbos against the Yorubas in the guise of wrestling political power from Tinubu should go and read their history books. The Igbos have never been friends to the Youbas, at best they had been parasitic. The Agbajes should remember that those who ride on the tiger usually end up in the stomach of the Tiger.

    When, non-indigenes are dictating what the aborigines should do in their land, the hosts should be weary. For God’s sake, let the Igbos vote the way they like but let them refrain from saying Lagos is no man’s land and they should definitely not repeat what they did at Ojota in the just concluded presidential election.

    The Agbajes, the Afikuyomis, the Fani-kayodes of this world can deride and castigate Tinubu to their fill for political expediency and pecuniary benefits; they cannot change the truth because the truth is constant.

    In 2013, this is what Fani-kayode said about the ownership of Lagos

    “The suggestion that Lagos is a ”no-man’s land’ and that the Igbo or any other nationality outside the Yoruba generate up to 55 per cent of it’s revenue or business is absolutely absurd and frankly it has no basis in reality or rationality. It is not only a dirty lie but it is also very insulting. Guests, no matter how welcome, esteemed, cherished and valued they are, cannot become the owners of the house no matter how comfortable they are made to feel within it. Those guests will always be guests. Lagos belongs to the Yoruba and to the Yoruba alone. ALL others that reside there are guests, though some guests are far closer to us than others. The Igbo are the least close, the most distant and the least familiar with our customs and our ways. They ought to be the last to be claiming our heritage and coveting our land and neither can they claim to have made any real input to our glaring success. For them to think otherwise is nothing but delusion”

    That is the truth, a guest no matter how long you stay in my house remains my guest. Because FFK  is now married to an  igbo girl coupled with the ‘sifia pain’ they are suffering from their wanton defeat by APC, FFk is now referring to Yorubas defending their territory as Scum. Time will tell who the scum is.

    I know my brothers from across the Niger very well and this might be as a result of the privilege I have had to travel wide in this country. I have been to Onitsha market, I have been to Ariara market in Aba and all the big cities in the SE. I challenge anybody to tell me  where the Igbos have accommodated the Yorubas as we do here.

    From Iwo road to Idi-Ape in Ibadan, all the shops and I mean all, are owned by Igbos. Go to Ladipo, Orile-Iganmu in Lagos and Alaba market, same story.  Somebody should tell me just one concentration of Yorubas like this anywhere in the SE.


    The highest level a Yoruba man  can rise to in those markets, is a commission agent, an intermediary which we call ‘baranda’ here. The Yorubas have been liberal and our brothers from across the Niger should not abuse this privilege by telling us how and what to do in our land. The Igbos should stop using our hand to slap us. They remain guests and tenant here.

    Just June 2018, Ochereome Nnanna, Chairman, editorial board of Vanguard Newspapers, described us as “sophisticated morons”. Our offence; we celebrated  President Muhammadu Buhari’s conferment of GCFR on late MKO Abiola, presumed winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election. What an insult? Infra dignitatem

    This last week, there was a video trending, where an Igbo guy was threatening hell, reminding the Yorubas what the Igbos did to Hausas in Kano. The young man did not read his history to know how the Hausas killed their fathers and raped their women in araba massacre in the sixties which culminated in the civil war. The guy needs not worry, we know how we fight our battles without firing a shot.

    Nnamidi Azikwe installed Michael Opara in Eastern Region and came to the west, struggling to be the premier in Western Region. Igbos wanted to be premier of the east and premier of the west. You talk of greed. No wonder, Azikwe was quoted to have said, it was a matter of time for Igbos to rule Africa. What effrontery?  What an ego?

    In the first republic, Awolowo was ready to be the vice to Azikwe in a coalition government to make the country better. AzIkwe called for a meeting with Awolowo in Asaba to work out the modalities. While Awolowo and his team were waiting for Azikwe in Asaba, Zik had gone over the Niger to make a deal with Ahmadu Bello in Kaduna. It was when Awo and his people were returning to Ibadan, they heard over the radio that Zik had agreed to be a ceremonial president. Similar scenario played out in 1983.Talk of perfidy and treachery. Should we not learn from these?

    The Yorubas fighting Tinubu for the Igbos are fighting themselves. There is no friendship between the Igbos and the Yorubas. The Igbos love themselves and themselves alone. They so love themselves, so tey, they don’t even want you to understand their language. Ko si ore taja nbekun se.

    On Saturday let the Igbos vote their conscience but the Yoruba’s should know that a vote for Agabje on Saturday is a vote for Igbo domination of Lagos. One day, you will wake up to see an Igbo as chairman of Lagos Island telling Oba Akiolu what to do. God forbid.

    I will end this piece by quoting one of FFKs essays in those days when he was in Ghana, those days when Obasanjo was betraying the course of the Yorubas, those days when he was fighting for relevance. FFk wrote ‘Those Yorubas throwing stones at the house of Oduduwa will end in perdition’

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