Loan Proposal, How To Write One?


Loan Proposal, How To Write One?

A loan proposal should convince the banker that he will be able to get his money back just as he wants to know that a business proposal is profitable. A business proposal and loan proposal must be viable and feasible.
In a business proposal, you may not need to put in much accounting but you cannot escape accounting while writing a loan proposal. To write a loan proposal that will make the bank manager to put his green pen of approval you will need to incorparate the followings as the least for a small or medium business.

• Three Years Account of The Company
• Projected Cash Flow.
• Projected Cash Forecast.
• Projected Profit And Loss Account.
• Loan Repayment Plan.
• Calculation of Return on Investment (using ROI or NPV or other Method)
• Proposed Spending
• Analysis of expected revenue
• Analysis of staff cost.

These days, some banks may initiate loan processing even if you do not have an account with them with the proviso to switch account to them when your loan is approved. In that wise you will be required to present your current bank statements for 12 months.
See a sample here.
Besides the accounting, you will need to cover the followings.

• The Business itself.
• Profitability
• Management
• Staff.
• Marketing.
• The application.

Writing a loan proposal may be a bit daunting for some of us because of the accounting aspect.
Not to worry, if you are in need of one, talk to us. We won’t disappoint. We will handle it perfectly.
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