Making Money, Have You Tried Setting Up A Guest House


Making money can be interesting  and having a guest house thrills and rolls in money.

Guesthouse business is ho-telling without the noise that goes with it. They are meant for people who need quietude. Couples who want to get away from noise and relax or businesspersons making money and who want to get away from it all, so as to recover lost vigor.  They are smaller in size , never as big as the Sheratons. Small buildings in serene areas devoid of noise.

You charge per night and or hourly basis. Making money with guest house, you must provide food, snacks, and drinks too. From the above, you should know that this is not meant for this and that set of people.

Making money in this business, your service must be top of the shelf kind and you must be good at it. And of course, you may charge higher than hotels of the same standard, as you are not likely going to make much from drinks.

The irony in Nigeria is that both practitioners and users do not even know and recognise the difference between Hotels and Guesthouses. It is you, the promoter, who will establish and enforce the difference.

Do this and your customers will come.

making money
making money

Please read Hotelling and subtract the hullabaloo, you get a guesthouse. Since we do not have many Religious rest houses yet, clergies prefer Guesthouses. Serene Sites are better for guesthouses. Like hotels, you will need a licence.

Lets i forget, you will need to give your guest house a befitting name. I am saying this because i have seen some guest houses with ridiculous names like  Arise and shine, ‘oluwalose guest house’. Get romantic and relevant names. What f names like Cinderella Guest house or just Cindeella, Peace Guest House

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