Management Consultancy Fetches Them Money Like Bank Robbers


Management Consultancy is for the ig boys, the learned and they make big money.

You can be a consultant to people in your field of specialization; There are consultancy jobs in all fields.

The prerequisite is that you have to be deep in the field you are going to be a consultant.

Many retirees act as consultants to their companies in their field. Those lecturing in banks training schools are mostly retired bankers even as some of them are still working.

Usually, you will need an office where to visit you. Of course, your office has to be properly sited and it has to befit the status of a consultant.

You do not have your office at Ajangboju in the outskirt of Ikorodu and want to service companies in VI. They will not talk to you because you are not one  of  them.

You  will  introduce  your  company  as  suitable,  using corporate letterheads and business cards. In this business, personal contacts  matter.

Those  who  know your  competence  must  be  able  to recommend and when you have the chance, make the best of it.

One more thing, to get Government job, you may be compelled to register with management institutes such as centre for management development (CMD), Lagos.

There is a lot of money in management consultancy because there is no raw material apart from your brain and stationery and you are not affected by import or export restrictions or even exchange rates.

In Management consultancy, you  have to think for the companies on how to solve their problems. You give them a proposal and if accepted you are on. Alternatively, they may ask you in to solve a problem for them.

Have you seen the book that made them men? Get it here.

Do not tell me management consultancy is not easy. Think hard. The present Attorney General gave a consultancy job to a green lawyer in the Pfizer case. This is a guy who is barely seven months in the bar.


As said earlier, you can consult on virtually all fields of endeavor., such as Marketing, Market research, Insurance, Materials management, Personnel management, Production control, Transportation, Logistics, Security. Accounts, Credit Control, Advertisement, Sales Promotion, the list is endless.

management consultancy
management consultancy

Do not limit yourself to companies. Government is the biggest spender and they spend millions on consultancy. Have you forgotten the Police equipment fund where two hundred million naira  was spent on a party. It is a consultancy job.

MARKETING. Contacts, contacts and more contacts. After this, performance.

CAVEAT. Performance is the word and make good all promises made before  you  were  given  the  job.

Consultancy is  a  veritable source  of money making because EFCC cannot even probe it.

You cannot value knowledge. An MBA in Lagos business school costs about  N2.0M and you get the same MBA at University of Ibadan for much less. You understand what I mean.

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