Many People Will Feel Stupid For Not Knowing This


Many People Will Feel Stupid For Not Knowing This

This time next year you could be in real money if you follow this advise and take step right now. It is a sure bet. You cannot fail and if you repeat it yearly you will be just ok.

Can you guess how many rams were slaughtered yesterday for the Eldil- Kabir (Ileya festival). in Nigeria. I am not a Muslim, but I walked from my house to the neighborhood and saw not less than 20 killed.

Perhaps, Nigerians killed more than 10million rams yesterday alone. I am not exaggerating. In towns like Ijebu-Ode, a household kills as many as 10. i schooled there, so I know.
This one I am going to show you here is not just sheep rearing but strategic ram rearing or ram fattening to be more precise.


Many people rear sheep and rams but few do it strategically, that is for a purpose and for a particular time.

The best time to sell your ram is during the Eldil- Kabir (Ileya festival).

Until last year, I never knew a ram could go for as much as N40, 000. I knew because a friend bought. I was even told it could cost more.
The strategy is simple. Immediately after the next Eldil-Kabir ( Ileya), go get the kid lambs. Now wait, not the female but the male.

Do not mix fattening with breeding. You want to feed them for the next festival and sell. Period.



The mistake many of our livestock farmers make is to mix breeding and fattening. This is not the best practice, it is always good to specialise.


Now get about 50 or more depending on your financial muscle. It does not have to be in Lagos or any city, go do it in your village, and bring them to the city to sell.

From my research, you cannot spend more than N12000 on each and that includes the seed cost to get them to the market.

There is a young man doing this job in an enclosed place with about 50 rams. He has been doing this job for 5 years
with no other job and he is doing fine.

He cannot but do fine. Twenty five thousand naira profit on a ram in 50 places is more than N1m. To me that is a clever way of making money.

Now do not talk of no money. Discuss this with your patents and friends tell them you will pay back. If you have been a good chap, they will play along.

Write a proposal on it tomorrow and take it round. many will kick themselves for not thinking about this earlier.
You can get their feed cheap from remnants and the bush. Since this is a job, to move around for free food should not be difficult.
MARKETING. No big deal. Ferry them to the market during the festival and you go home with your cash. Simple. You start three weeks to the day. Spice it up with radio jingle. You will thank me for it.
CAVEAT. You must talk to a vet. There are some drugs they give them to increase their conversion rate. Of course talk to the Fulani Man. Rearing these things is in their blood.

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