Motivational Speaking As A Short Road To Cash.


Motivational speaking is big business in Nigeria.

Tons of naira are made daily in motivational speaking, which is now the rave in town. You need a good voice, ability to stand and address a crowd, good knowledge of the topic, contacts, and long hours of reading books.

You have to know a bit about everything. If you can give what it takes, it will give you fortune and fame.

You must understand from the beginning that motivational speaking is not a job for the lazy ones, as you have to read and read and read, because you will be addressing professionals who know their onions.

You only have to slip a couple  of  times  and  that  is  goodbye to  your career in motivational speaking.  For  a  one-hour speech, you may have put in more than 48 hours of preparations. Some of the time, you may have to rehearse the speech several times.

This job is a mix of oratory talent and cerebral capability. Only you can decide if you fix in. Your English of course, has to be impeccable.

Motivational Speaking
Motivational Speaking

By that, I do not mean you have to be a walking oxford dictionary, but it does a motivational speaker no credit to be mentally searching for appropriate words while speaking.

You are not going to be a Bob Proctor or Zig Ziglar or Norman Vincent Peale in a day but it pays to prepare    properly before you hit the road.

I advise you understudy a successful speaker for a period. During this period he would show you the ropes, ask you to anchor and probably handle some topics.

See this book that has made many millionaires.

When you are on your own as a motivational speaker, you may initially be living on him, as he will be referring jobs to you. He will tell you and probably give you books to read.

There is no need to ride a high horse here; it will not pay you much. Soft pedal and learn from the forerunners so you do not make the mistake they have made.

The internet is there to assist you in your training by buying the CDs of the masters and studying them. I do not know which books your mentor will recommend for you but I will tell you two that you cannot but read if you want to do motivational speaking.

Books by Shakespeare, and the holy book of the Christians, the Bible. The bible is full of wisdom and uplifting statements. All situations under the sun are covered by the bible. Now and then, you will need to quote

from it. The success of this job depends first on competence and then contacts in the right places.

Motivational  speakers  charge  in  millions     when  working  for  big companies and government. Of course, your clients are governments, government establishments and companies.

MARKETING. Only contacts can get you the jobs. Even when you have to give them new idea inform of proposals, you have to go and convince them. Everything about you has to be corporate. You do not go and give a speech to UBA middle management in jeans. Only the deep calls to the deep. Use the press to hype you,

CAVEAT. You cannot over prepare for your speeches. Rehearse and rehearse and rehearse. One gaffe and you are done for.

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