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    So I was going through my face book wall jeje and one pretty lady asked for friendship.

    Right away, I knew it was a scam but for fun I played along. Going through her profile, it was easy to decipher. She has two fotos which are mutual to her and me and she is white. What a coincidence?

    I Confess, I told some lies. I claimed to be a divorcee but I am not as I don’t want my wife dead, I refuse to be a widower which would have pleased them more. I said I am 59 to be marketable but I am well over that.

    We had conversations till late Saturday evening hoping to send them a stinker and a course this morning but before I woke up they had wiped of our conversations, but not so smart. I had copied enough to make people learn.

    Conversations With Scammer Christinas William

    Christinas William

    Chat conversation start

    Scammer: Hello my dear, how are you doing today
    Me: ok, you?

    Scammer: Nice meeting you, where are you from??
    Me: Nigeria

    Scammer: Am from Manchester United Kingdom
    What is your profession I mean your job
    Me: a school owner, a farmer, MANAGEMENT Consultant and writer

    Scammer: Am working with an Apple company here in Manchester United Kingdom
    Are you married with kids
    Me: divorced, with grown up kids

    Scammer: Am a single woman with two kids I lost my husband two years ago
    How old are you
    Me: sorry about that.
    Age 59

    Scammer: Am 35 years old
    Have you ever been to my country
    Me: are you british or american?

    Scammer: British
    Me: i have been to britain, france. germany

    Scammer: I have never been to your country but I would love to be there., can you please tell me more about your country
    Me: Tropicai, warm weather, enterprising people with cheers an humor.

    Scammer: You seem to be a noble man I would love to know more about your likes, what is your favorite color
    Me: white,

    Scammer: Am a woman with dignity and integrity and as such i don’t interact with the other people who are not sincere with their words my favorite color is white and blue
    What is your favorite kind of sport
    Me: football, table tennis, basketball.

    Scammer: I love swimming
    I would love us to see on international QQ app don’t you have an computer Apple laptop which has QQ app installed
    Me: i dont.

    Scammer: Give me your name address and phone number I will send you an Apple phone and Apple laptop which has QQ app installed
    Me: jide richard, 09029529555, future leaders uilding, adogba, ibadan

    Scammer: Have seen your details I will let you know when I posted the items via British airway cargo services
    Me: ok
    FRI 18:24

    Scammer: Am about sending the items via British airway cargo services okay



    Scammer: Those are the pictures of the items dear
    Am here at the British Airways office right now I got some information that you are going to pay for the clearance fee in your country before delivery to your house address dear
    When I converted the charges to your country it was 25,500.00 in your country
    Immediately you make the payment to the dispatch manager account number on-time dear they are going to give you home delivery after paying for the clearance fee in your country

    Scammer: I also added some pounds inside the items box okay…
    The money is 10,000 pounds use it for your new year celebration

    Scammer: That’s the items box okay??
    That’s the items box
    I got some information that you should contact the agent right now in your country so that he can give you information on how you can get the items when it arrives at your country tomorrow….. +2348160161798 …. Contact him right now and give me feedback dear………

    Me: Contact is cutting the phone.
    Ask him why he wa cutting the line and contact me later my dear. I am eager to use an apple phone. Is the computer there as well?

    Scammer: Honey contact him right now… Honey and give me feedback dear…..
    +2348160161798 don’t tell the agent in your country about the money inside the items box okay
    Try and make the payment on time so that they can deliver the items to you on time my love….

    Scammer: Have already sent the items to your country including the apple laptop and Apple phone..
    Me: Thanks

    Scammer: Have you contacted the agent honey….
    Don’t tell the agent about the 10,000 pounds I added in the items box….
    Me: I am trying to connect but the no is no more going.

    Scammer: Okay honey just try your possible best to Pay the clearance fee so that they can deliver the items to you on time my love
    Me: the no not going. tell them to send you snother no

    That’s the no given to me honey….

    Scammer: That’s their policy and account details that’s was sent to me……
    Honey I was told that you should make the payment to the account details and contact the agent for early tomorrow morning delivery
    Me: I have wired the 25,000 to mr Osogba,s Fidelity Bank account. Will let you know when they bring the parcel. Thanks my dear. We will talk about you visiting Nigeria later.

    Scammer: Honey have you contacted the agent about that…..
    Me: Will do now.

    Scammer: Contact him and give me feedback honey don’t tell the agent in your country about the money inside the items box okay…..

    We had interesting conversations later where I was stringing them and which they had wiped off. I hope this is enough for those who want to learn.

    See the pictures of my Apple phone and Computer my wife rom Manchester sent to me. Awon ole.

    My observations.
    They are real internet rats. They made it difficult for me to get their IP and before I woke up, they wiped off our conversation on face book. What a heck?Apple Phones

    Those who fall for them must be very greedy and stupid. Somebody you barely know sending you £10,000 that is well over N5,000,000?

    Then what of the banks and the lines they use? Don’t they have photographs and captured biodata.

    This is their phone no. 0816016178,
    Account details. Wisdom Onome Osogba,
    Fidelity Bank 6320484868

    Happy Sunday and wishing you bountiful 2019

    Jide Omiyale ( SME Expert and Amateur Political Analyst)

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